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Canterbury in Kent, Historic City visit - March 2004

A city visit then, to the historic cathedral city of Canterbury in Kent where we walked along the city wall, toured the engrossing Canterbury Tales attraction and learnt all about the pilgrims, visited the magnificent cathedral, the ruins of the castle, and saw many fine old buildings - and many other tourists - in this popular city.

Canterbury city wall alongside the main road
Canterbury is a walled historic city in Kent and this is the old city wall contrasted against the modern ring road that runs beside it.  We walked...

Walking along the city wall in Canterbury, Kent
...round the wall towards Canterbury city centre, along the way checking the map and handy city guide leaflet we'd picked up.

One of many fine old buildings in Canterbury, Kent
Canterbury High Street is largely pedestrianised and lined with many fine old buildings.  After a pizza lunch we seeked out the Canterbury Tales attraction.

Outside the Canterbury Tales attraction
This shot of the entrance to the Canterbury Tales was taken after our visit, and shows the large queue of students waiting to go in.  A narrow escape then!

A pilgrim tells his tale at the Canterbury Tales
In the Canterbury Tales we listened to an audio tour handset that picked up the commentary as we walked round the attraction.  Here's a pilgrim telling his tale.

More pilgrims gossiping at the Canterbury Tales
Some more gossip among the pilgrims.  The atmospheric lighting changed to portray feeling and we thought it was all very well done.  Moving through...

Yet more pilgrims in the Canterbury Tales
...and this scene was actually pretty dark so we've enhanced our image to bring out the figures.  Our entrance to the Canterbury Tales cost 6.95.

The Canterbury Tales gift shop
The exit led through the large gift shop, and a chance to buy a few things to remember our extremely enjoyable visit to the Canterbury Tales attraction.

Looking down Mercery Lane towards Christ Church Gate in Canterbury
Apparently this is the most photographed scene in Canterbury, looking down Mercery Lane towards Christ Church Gate and Canterbury Cathedral.

Christ Church Gate and the entrance to Canterbury Cathedral
We blended in with all the other Canterbury tourists, clicking away with our cameras!  Here's the way in to Canterbury Cathedral at Christ Church Gate.

Information point outside Canterbury Cathedral
Entrance to Canterbury Cathedral cost us 4 to walk round inside and marvel at this very splendid building, which was worth it.  But they cheekily wanted another 2 for an inside photo permit which wasn't... so we didn't take any internal pictures.

A rather striking view of Canterbury Cathedral
Canterbury Cathedral's main tower near the entrance.

Canterbury Cathedral architecture
Just look at Canterbury Cathedral's detailed architecture.  No wonder its upkeep costs so much.

Canterbury city guided tour group
Back in Canterbury High Street we came across several tour groups doing a guided tour of the city.  The tourist season must start early here then, as it was only early March; undoubtedly it'll be much busier in the summer peak season.

Canterbury Castle, or what's left of it
Our final visit before heading home was Canterbury Castle, seen here in all its ruined glory.  Now,...

Taking a picture of Canterbury Castle info point
...the trouble with digital cameras is that you tend to take pictures of anything and everything!

We've also toured Leeds and Bodiam Castles in Kent, you may also find our visit to York,
St Davids Cathedral (Pembrokeshire) and Salisbury Cathedral of interest too.

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