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As consumers we purchase products we think will enhance our UK leisure travels and holidaying.  Now Mike's a Gadget Geek and loves his tech, so we tend to thoroughly evaluate a new product we get.  Here you can review our reviewed product articles and see how each product performed as we test it both 'in the lab' (erm, alright then, at home) and out and about.  There's links to relevant resources at the end of each review for further research.  Over time we add to and update our product reviews to maintain this as a useful resource for our fellow tourists.  So, enjoy our reviews!
NOTE: erm, these product reviews are now very dated so please consider this as an archive now!


Click to read our Samsung Galaxy W smartphone reviewAndroid Smartphone & Android Apps review  reviewed Mar 2013 (+ updates)
There's plenty of choice out there in the smartphone arena and, after careful consideration, we went for an Android mobile device from Samsung.  On multiple fronts the phone we chose certainly proved a worthwhile accompaniment to our travels and hobbies, sometimes in unexpected ways, and with the amazing amount of apps available this became a vital tool for us out and about.  So... why did we find it so indispensable and what are the most useful apps for the tourist?  Check out our twin reviews - smartphone and apps.

Click to read our two way radio reviewTwo Way Radios review  reviewed Oct 2010 (+ updates)
We've already got a pair of walkie talkies still performing as tested in our first ever product review so why buy more?  And why another review on what is pretty much same product?  If you view our original review (below) you'll see we had a few issues with them at the time, and we obtained this new version at no monetary cost (that's got you interested!), coupled with the fact we haven't done a review for a few years and need to keep our hand in, and anyway this new review is really a mini review as much was covered originally.  Phew!  So, if you're after a professional looking two way walkie talkie take a look here at our mini review!

Click to read our Ricoh digital camera reviewDigital Camera review  reviewed Oct 2008 (+ updates)
Realising that our old cameras were getting a little long in the tooth and raggedy around the edges we updated them with the Ricoh Caplio R7 digital compact camera.  Our first major trip with it was our holiday in Gower, so have advancements in digital camera technology produced worthwhile new features or are they just pants?  Our review reveals all.

Click to read our Panasonic camcorder reviewDigital Camcorder review  reviewed Oct 2006 (+ updates)
We purchased the Panasonic NVGS280 combined camcorder and digital stills camera and used it extensively on our Somerset holiday in 2006.  Some features were very very good, while others were very very bad!  Read our unbiased review, many points are relevant to other models in the series too.

Click to read our Garmin GPS Sat Nav reviewSat Nav review  reviewed Sept 2005 (+ updates)
The Garmin etrex Legend is a small handheld Satellite Navigation GPS receiver which we thought would be a useful gadget to use on our walks, maybe even replacing our maps.  We first used it on our Dorset holiday in 2005 and whilst we found some excellent useful features, we also found some very serious limitations!  Our review is also helpful to users of similar Sat Nav units.

Click to read the Binatone talkie walkie reviewTalkie Walkie review  reviewed Oct 2004 (+ updates)
Keeping in touch with each other while touring usually involves a quick call on the mobile - or shouting!  So we purchased a pair of talkie walkies to communicate over short distances and found them useful in Devon in 2003 and again in 2004 on our Highland holiday.  'Alpha Brava one nine, come in please, over'...  'Receiving you loud and clear, go ahead with your review'...

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