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Somerset Holiday July 2006 - page 1

Here's our wonderful week's holiday exploring sunny Somerset.  First off we visit Clarks Village in Street, have a look round the weird and wonderful shops in Glastonbury, enjoy a lovely Indian meal in Langport, and a visit to the absorbing Fleet Air Arm Museum at RNAS Yeovilton.  Many of these Somerset pictures were taken with our new (at the time) combined camcorder and digital camera which we've reviewed.
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Holiday cottage in Langport, Somerset
Here we are then at the holiday cottage we rented in Langport in Somerset all ready for our week's West Country holiday exploring the area's attractions.

Clarks Village in Street, Somerset
On the 1st day we headed to the nearby Clarks Village shopping outlet in Street, mainly to buy some discount tickets at the TIC for Cheddar Gorge later in the week.

Male bonding with a gorilla in Street, Somerset
Mike tried some male bonding with a gorilla outside the Tourist Information Centre (TIC) in Street's Clarks Village!  Dunno what the gorilla thought but it was beating its chest - gulp! - so we legged it to...

Market Cross monument at Glastonbury in Somerset
...Glastonbury, just up the road from Street.  In the centre of town is the newly (2005) restored Market Cross monument, a reminder of Glastonbury's medieval past.  Check out our Glastonbury video.

Entrance to the Glastonbury Experience
We found some wonderful areas in Glastonbury, full of New Age type shops selling arts, crafts, gifts, crystals, herbs and such like.  Then we had a coffee...

Glastonbury's many shops selling arts, crafts, gifts crystals, herbs, candles and incense
...in a peaceful little courtyard at the Glastonbury Experience; here there were places full of candles and incense and some had little waterfalls running inside.

Psychic, witchcraft, mystic, druid and pagan shops in Glastonbury
We explored the fascinating myths and legends that this area of Somerset, and particularly Glastonbury, is famous for with a look round its many psychic, mystic, druid, witchcraft and pagan type shops all with tons of books available on the subject.  Ooo ar!

An Indian meal at the Cardamom Indian Restaurant in Langport, Somerset
Safely back in Langport, in the evening we enjoyed a delicious Indian meal at the Cardamom Indian Restaurant in town (video clip) where we piled up our plates.  The Cardamom Restaurant didn't look much from the outside (inset) but the food was wonderful!

Outside the Fleet Air Arm Museum at RNAS Yeovilton
Day two in Somerset and... rain... so we took off to the Fleet Air Arm Experience at RNAS Yeovilton to tour the Naval Aviation Museum.  The first area we visited was the Leading Edge Interactives with lots of buttons to press to learn all about how aircraft fly.

Entering the aviation development hall at Fleet Air Arm Museum
The Fleet Air Arm Museum consisted of four large halls containing military aircraft designed for use on aircraft carriers.  Here's the route through to the naval aviation development Hall 1; there was also a section on the Falklands War and an 'Island' experience.

Taking a pic of a missile at Fleet Air Arm Museum
Another picture in the bag, this one of a fearsome looking missile with a montage of war heroes behind.  Particularly fascinating was the 'between the wars' exhibit, relating what life was like during this period.

Fleet Air Arm Museum: Supermarine Walrus seaplane
This Supermarine Walrus seaplane was interesting at Yeovilton's Fleet Air Arm Museum, we had a peek in the cockpit and thought it all looked rather basic, cramped and uncomfortable!  Moving on...

Hall two at Fleet Air Arm Museum showing many World War II aircraft
...to the World War II Hall 2 where we saw many aircraft had wings that folded to take up less room.  Fleet Air Arm is a working base (RNAS Yeovilton) and we took a peek out from the Airfield Viewing Area and observed military type guys training on helicopters.

Concorde at the Fleet Air Arm Museum in Somerset
After doing the awesome Aircraft Carrier Flightdeck (experienced a take off!) and 'Island' experience (behind the scenes on board!) in Hall 3, we emerged into yet another fascinating hall dominated by Concorde, yes, a real one!

Looking at Concorde's cockpit
We walked up inside the length of Concorde to the flight deck.  Mike was disappointed he couldn't take it for a quick spin round Somerset, still we did have a go on the SuperX flight simulator!
Fleet Air Arm Museum cost 10 on our visit.
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Trying out an aircraft at Yeovilton's Fleet Air Arm Museum
However, he found an aircraft he could have a go on, but it had no wings!  See our Fleet Air Arm video.  Aircraft also in Hall 4 included a Sea Harrier, Handley Page HP115 and Westland Wyvern TF1.

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We've also visited the RAF Museum Hendon, Imperial War Museum Duxford, Tank Museum, Bovington and Dorset's Royal Signals Museum.