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West Country Holiday, Somerset July 2006 - page 2

Continuing on our West Country holiday with a walk across the rather breezy Brean Down to Brean Fort, an enjoyable evening meal in the holiday cottage washed down with some stimulating(!) Somerset cider, and a wonderful steam train ride on the preserved West Somerset Railway to Dunster and Minehead.
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The zig-zag path leading up to Brean Down in Somerset in the West Country
The sun was back on day three in Somerset so we headed to Brean Down to walk along to the old fort.  Here's Belinda taking a photo and contemplating the zig-zag path up onto the peninsula.  Ooo ar!

View across the beach at Brean Down
Mike has our new camcorder in hand and stopped for a breather halfway up the climb to Brean Down peninsula.  We're looking back towards the beach and, way in the distance to the left, Burnham-on-Sea.  The road here took us past endless tacky holiday camps and caravan parks which was rather sole destroying, but we refreshed ourselves on arrival at Brean Down with a good cup of coffee in one of the two cafés.

Walking across Brean Down peninsula in Somerset
On the top of the very windy Brean Down in Somerset's West Country we walked across the peninsula for about 1½ miles until we got to...

Enjoying a picnic near Brean Fort
...Brean Fort, where we enjoyed our picnic lunch while looking out across the Bristol Channel to Weston-Super-Mare and the South Wales coast.

Exploring the ruins of one of the gunnery emplacements at Brean Fort in the West Country
Built in 1870, Brean Fort was last used in WWII to defend Barry, Cardiff and Bristol.  In 1900 a soldier blew himself up in a huge explosion when he fired his rifle down a ventilator shaft into the magazine store!

Part of Brean Fort in Somerset
Mike's hiding somewhere in those old barrack quarter ruins at Brean Fort, but it's difficult to tell one old ruin from another really (only joking!).  There's Brean Fort links in our tourist resources section.

Walking along the old military road at Brean Down
We returned along the old military road on the north side of Brean Down and were rewarded with some terrific coastal views of Weston-Super-Mare and got some great video shots too.

Eating an ice cream
Back at beach level we couldn't resist a cooling ice cream after our pleasant Brean Down walk in the hot West Country sunshine - mmmm, nice!  How did we get this shot? - check out our camcorder review.

Serving up some West Country cider
We also couldn't resist stopping by Rich's Cider Farm on the way back to the West Country cottage and, er, buy some to try!  How much have you had?  Ooo ar!

West Country holiday cottage meal
Cheers!  At the holiday cottage we knocked back some of the Rich's Somerset cider (video clip) while we cooked a delicious chicken dish, then washed it down with some more cider.  Then we had a bit more cider, then, well a bit more and... oh well, might as well finish off the cider then!  Ooo ar, Ooo ar, Ooo ar!

The West Somerset Railway station entrance at Bishops Lydeard
Day four and it looked like the hot sun was back to stay so we took a trip on the heritage West Somerset Railway from Bishops Lydeard, near Taunton, to Dunster and Minehead.  The fare was £12.40 for a Day Rover ticket and the journey a little over an hour.

In the West Somerset Railway steam train carriage
In the steam train's restored carriages we studied the West Somerset Railway pamphlet and decided to stop off at Dunster as it promised a more leisurely tourist experience than (we'd been forewarned) tacky Minehead, the train's ultimate destination.

West Country town of Dunster in Somerset
Dunster station was an easy ten minute walk from town past some quaint houses.  In Dunster we looked around the shops, the castle grounds and just chilled before seeking somewhere for lunch and found...

Lunch in Dunster at the Castle Terrace Garden
...this attractive café in the centre of Dunster before...

West Somerset Railway engine being filled at Minehead
...returning to the station and carrying on up to Minehead.  Here they filled the steam engine with more water while we took a quick look at Minehead (the forewarning was accurate!) before steaming...

Steaming back to Bishops Lydeard on the West Somerset Railway
...back to Bishops Lydeard on the next West Somerset Railway train through the lovely West Country countryside.  On the next page of our Somerset holiday: Cheddar Gorge and Glastonbury >>>

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