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Somerset video clips - July 2006

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Ooo, look at all these mystic shops in Glastonbury!We have a good look round fascinating Glastonbury and all its wonderful mystic, psychic, healing, crystal and gifts and arts and crafts shops.  A couple of close ups of amazing shops and places within the Glastonbury Experience area as well as some town shots.
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I've finished my drink, think I'll help myself to Belinda's now!Arriving back at our Langport cottage, Belinda enthuses to her sister on the phone about Glastonbury, then we head out to the local pub for a drink in the warm evening sunshine before going to the Cardamom Indian Restaurant in Langport and enjoy a really yummy Indian meal!
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Lots to see at Fleet Air Arm MuseumMike studies the Fleet Air Arm Museum guide before we look at all the WW1 and WW2 aircraft inside, Belinda presses some buttons in the Merlin Experience, we join the Flight Deck for a take-off before finishing with a look round Concorde and Mike trying to fly.
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I think I can see the Brean Down fort down thereWe climb the zig-zag path up to the top of Brean Down and walk along the peninsula to the old fort which we explore.  Returning by the old military road, with great views to Weston-Super-Mare, the wind blows our voices away and we finish with an Ice Cream on the beach.
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That's a glass of Cider for me, another one for me and, er, just one more!Belinda pours the cider, Mike cooks the evening meal and we sit down to enjoy both!  Cheers!
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West Somerset Railway steam train chuffing into Dunster stationBelinda buys the tickets while Mike has a look at the steam engine of the West Somerset Railway before climbing aboard.  A look around Dunster later and we're heading back after watching the train coming into the station and the engine shunting.  Lots of steam train shots!
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Hurry up Mike, I'm off to see all the Cheddar Gorge and Caves attractionsAfter inspecting the Cheddar Gorge guide we head into cool Gough's Cave followed by the Cheddar Man Museum.  After lunch we visit Cox's cave and climb Jacobs Ladder, admiring the view from the top.  Finally, we take the topless tour bus along the stunning Gorge.
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According to this info point, Glastonbury Tor is up thereOn a hot day we climb to the top of Glastonbury Tor and look at the tower and viewpoint, then admire the peaceful Chalice Well Gardens from where we spot the Tor again and finish with a look at the old ruins of Glastonbury Abbey.
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