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We returned to Somerset and climbed Glastonbury Tor again; visited Wells and its lovely Cathedral; the wonderful attractions in Bath, and a ride on the heritage East Somerset Railway.  Unfortunately no new gallery, but you can see our previous 2006 visit to Somerset. 02-01-24

2022 Year Holiday

We returned to Wales again, this time to the Brecon Beacons National Park and climbed mountains such as Pen y Fan and rode on the Brecon Mountain Railway.  We also took in some industrial heritage at Blaenavon, and walked along canals around Talybont-on-Usk.
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Snowdonia holidayOur most recent holiday depicted on our website was our visit to Snowdonia in North Wales in June 2019, filling in some gaps from the previous year's visit - so much to enjoy.

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2016 - report for 2015...
At the beginning of each new year we check our site's performance over the previous year by analysing our Google Analytics website statistics and ... the downward trend in visitor numbers of the last few years continue.  Now we identified the cause a while back - our by-now dated site doesn't fit in well on mobile devices increasingly used over the traditional desktop/laptop for web browsing.  Google gives most of our site pages a speed score of 96% for larger screens but only 63% for mobile, which translates into lower rankings on mobile device searches - yes, we have a problem!

Under our website's hood we've improved things a little, but without a modern responsive design we're somewhat snookered.  And bringing our site up-to-date with this would take one hell of A LOT of work!  For example, most of our gallery images - all carefully optimised when created down the years - would need to be resized; and, without getting too technical, there's things like configuring the viewport, sizing tap targets, legible font sizes and close proximity links - oh my!  And apart from this there's social media integration; at the very minimum we'd need a Facebook and Twitter presence plus the ongoing time hit administering posts and tweets.

Now if this were a commercial site providing an income stream we'd outsource the work.  So do we spend a huge amount of time on what is fundamentally a labour of love?  Unfortunately the answer is no, what with having to earn a living and other interests there's no way we have the required time.  So apart from some ongoing tweaking here and there the site will stay as it is.  We still get some very respectable search rankings, yes, even on mobile devices so it's not all doom and gloom!

Right, let's now take a quick look at site usage pattens during 2015...

We added demographics reporting to the site analytics early last year and see our peak audience age band is 35-44 of which 58% is male.  The Chrome browser is most popular at 39%, with Safari at 25%, IE 16% and Firefox 12%.  36% of visitors now access from a mobile or tablet of which the Apple iPad accounts for 35% and iPhone 21%; this is another year-on-year drop as Android grabs ever more market share.  Our top search queries include 'amazon world isle of wight', 'york centre', then numerous PMR radio review terms.  Our most visited pages (apart from the home and image index pages) are: Duxford, Cotswolds, talkie walkie radios review, tank museum and Isle of Wight, much the same pattern as in previous years.  And to end on a heartening note, visitors spend the time to read our pages judging from the avg. time on page figures.