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Gower, South Wales Holiday July 2008 - page 1

Setting the tone for the week, we started off our Gower holiday in South Wales with a strenuous walk from Kittle along the Bishopstone Valley and a picnic at Pwlldu Bay.  Then, suitably refreshed, we continued past the scenic old smuggler haunts of Brandy Cove and Caswell Bay and back to the self catering holiday cottage to complete our car-free day.  Next day we toured the ruins at Oystermouth Castle and The Mumbles, part of Swansea Bay.
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Gower, South Wales holiday cottage in Kittle
So this was our gorgeous Gower holiday cottage (well, the furthermost bit beyond the larger roofed section anyway) and was our very comfortable base in Kittle for a week.  On the first day...

Strenuous walking along the Bishopstone Valley in Gower
...in Gower we decided to walk from Kittle down the Bishopstone Valley to Pwlldu Bay.  This proved to be hard going as the torturous route snaked along - and in! - a rough river bed much of the time.

Taking a photo along the Bishopstone Valley
At one point we had to scramble across a handy fallen tree when the river deepened and widened and it become apparent we were on the wrong side!  Doh!

Admiring the view from a little bridge along the Bishopstone Valley in South Wales
Bishopstone Valley went on and on, but as it widened out it also became increasingly scenic, so on we splodged towards Pwlldu Bay.  Fortunately...

Studying the Gower Ordnance Survey Explorer Map on-route
...we bought a Gower Ordnance Survey Explorer Map with us and certainly needed it to confirm the way when many trails crossed.  Our handheld Sat Nav just didn't show enough detail.  Finally,...

A picnic in a lovely Gower coastal setting at Pwlldu Bay
...after the rather challenging walk along Bishopstone Valley, we arrived in Pwlldu Bay where we sat on the rocks and ate our yummy picnic lunch in this splendidly scenic Gower coastal setting.

Clowning around on the rocks at Pwlldu Bay
Dunno what Belinda put in those rolls, but whatever it was it caused Mike to exhibit some strange behaviour!  Perhaps he was trying to fly again, like on Devon's Wembury beach some years previously.

On the coastal path between Brandy Cove and Caswell Bay in Gower, Wales
We carried on with our Gower walk along the coast path via Brandy Cove to Caswell Bay.  This attractive area of south Wales used to be popular with smugglers in past times owing to all the hidden inlets.

View of Caswell Bay from Bishop's Wood
After a coffee in the rather uninspiring Caswell Bay café we climbed high up the headland at Bishop's Wood and were rewarded with a magnificent view of the bay and the coastal route we'd walked earlier.

Gower: the coastal path along from Langland Bay
You'll notice we have quite a few coastal views on our Gower pages, we just couldn't resist snapping the wonderful south Wales scenery!  This is a bit further along the coast path near Langland Bay.

Oystermouth Castle in The Mumbles
Next up on our Gower holiday was a visit to The Mumbles in Swansea Bay and after a morning looking around the town we headed to Oystermouth Castle which only cost £1.00 entrance...

Inside Oystermouth Castle, Swansea Bay
...hmm... then we realised why - there was no guided or audio tour, visitors are just left to wander around the castle ruins.  Our Gower photos were taken with our new digital camera which we've reviewed.

Elevated view of The Mumbles from Oystermouth Castle
No matter, at least we got an excellent view from the Oystermouth Castle keep of The Mumbles stretching out below, and across Swansea Bay.


Many tourist guide books and websites rave about The Mumbles but we have to report our wander through the town left us somewhat underwhelmed.  But that could be our expectations were set too high.  Still, we did enjoy a tasty Indian meal in Chutneys in The Mumbles, despite the staff lacking a personality.

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