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Gower, South Wales Holiday July 2008 - page 3

Gower was the UK's first Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and we clearly saw why on our next walk around the sensationally scenic Three Cliffs Bay and on up to Pennard Castle.  Then the following day we rounded off our holiday visit to Gower wonderfully with another visit to the dramatic Rhossili coastline and a walk around Worm's Head to Mewslade Bay.
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Looking out towards Three Cliffs Bay in Gower
Following a rather wet start on the fifth day of our Gower holiday we ventured out to walk around Three Cliffs Bay and kept stopping to admire the breathtakingly appealing views of the coastline!

Above Pobbles Beach at Three Cliffs Bay
Three Cliffs Bay was featured on ITV's 'Britain's Favourite View' in 2007 with Katherine Jenkins, and it came second.  It wasn't hard to see why it's so loved - this shot is above Pobbles Beach.  Here a local...

Gower: stunning view of Three Cliffs Bay from a giant's seat!
...informed us that the wind had eroded the sand around this seat which is why Belinda looks like she's sitting on a giant's chair!  No worry though with a stunning view like that of Three Cliffs Bay!

Walking along Pennard Pill at Three Cliffs Bay in Gower
After clambering down to Three Cliffs beach we headed along Pennard Pill, over the stepping stones and on up the sand dunes of Pennard Burrows to Pennard Castle, all seen in this picture.  At the top...

Elevated view of Pennard Pill and Three Cliffs Bay
...we were rewarded for our seriously strenuous climb when we found another wonderful viewpoint to rest awhile and look back and admire Pennard Pill snaking along to its outlet at Three Cliffs Bay.

The Beaufort Arms in Kittle, Gower
In the evening we headed out to the local pub, the Beaufort Arms, which was just a few minutes walk from our Gower holiday cottage in Kittle.  In fact we visited three times...

Gower: enjoying a lovely meal at the Beaufort Arms, Kittle
...during our Gower holiday and each time enjoyed a deliciously yummy meal.  We've posted our positive experience on beerintheevening.com.

Presenting a cooked breakfast on holiday
Next morning Mike cooked breakfast with all the trimmings!  A hearty breakfast, yes, was just what we needed before another day's scenic Gower walking.

Walking towards Worm's Head at Rhossili in Gower
On our last day in Gower we returned to Rhossili, this time to explore the picturesque coastline around Worm's Head.  The area is famed for its abundance of wildlife and is a popular spot for birdwatchers.

Tide's in at Worm's Head, Rhossili
Unfortunately the tide was in so we couldn't walk across to Worm's Head, but at least the weather was favourable.  Locally known as 'The Worm', it was originally called 'The Wurme' by Viking invaders.

Gower: the blow hole on Worm's Head
This close-up of Worm's Head is actually a grab from our video footage, capturing the famous blow hole at the moment the sea crashed dramatically through it.

Stunning coastal view towards Fall Bay in Gower
Now that has got to be one stunning coastal view; well, it swept us away (not literally!) as we walked around the Rhossili headland in Gower.

Admiring the view of Fall Bay near Rhossili
Time to stop then and take in the spectacular scenery.  Here we admired the view towards Fall Bay and, beyond, Mewslade Bay.  And we enjoyed many simply wonderful views like this all along the Gower coastline.  For further Gower study please check out our UK tourist resources.

Gower: Narrow coast path overlooking Fall Bay
Fall Bay here from further around the coast.  Can you spot Belinda up on that narrow path to the left?

Above Mewslade Bay in Gower
Down below is Mewslade Bay, up above here we logged another Geocache find to complete a total of 14 we found during our glorious Gower holiday in south Wales.  Back in Rhossili after our coast path walk...

Lovely coastal views from the pub garden at Rhossili
...we refreshed with a pint in the pub and savoured our final coastal view from the beer garden over lovely Rhossili Bay before returning to the Gower holiday cottage and sadly, next day, home.

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