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Devon Holiday July 2003 - page 3

Finally on our very sunny south Devon holiday we walked across the fine sand at low tide to the idyllic Burgh Island from Bigbury-on-Sea, enjoyed a fabulous pub meal in Modbury, and visited Bantham beach where Belinda thought it would be a laugh to bury Mike in the sand to round off our visit to delightful Devon.
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Walking across the tidal causeway to Burgh Island from Bigbury in Devon
On Day 5 in Devon we headed to Bigbury and walked across the tidal causeway at low tide to Burgh Island.  At high tide a sea tractor takes people back and forth as the only other option would be to wade - or swim!

Looking out from the Pilchard Inn on Burgh Island
What a simply wonderful spot to write our postcards (and enjoy a few drinks), here at the Pilchard Inn on Burgh Island, where we spent a few amusing hours watching people trying to cross from Bigbury before the tide came in.  Above, it's just about passable still.

View of Bigbury from the top of Burgh Island in Devon
In true Famous Five style, we went off to 'explore the island' and walked up to see the old ruins at the top and admire the adorable coastal view.  Here's Bigbury and the Devon mainland in the background.

Across to Bigbury from the ruins of St Michael's Chapel on Burgh Island
Here we're looking towards the mainland from the remains of St Michael's Chapel on top of Burgh Island.  Yes, it was another hot and sunny Devon day.

The sea tractor at Bigbury with Burgh Island in the background
As the tide was in we took the sea tractor back to Bigbury - and spent the rest of the day lazing around on the beach and rocks.  Isn't life hard?

Enjoying a meal at the Modbury Arms in Devon
There were two pubs in Modbury, our holiday base in Devon, and we ate in both of them.  This is our meal in the Modbury Arms, which was excellent.

Walking across the sands at Bantham in Devon
On our last day in south Devon (and yes, it was another hot one) we walked round Bantham and its vast sandy beach at low tide.  Surfing is a popular water sport here and the beach is lifeguard patrolled.

Looking out over the River Avon at Bantham
No, Mike isn't having a p***, he's admiring the view along the River Avon.  After this we visited the local pub, the Sloop Inn for a drink, then went to find a suitable spot for a picnic along the coast path.

Picnic lunch near Bantham with Burgh Island in the background
Walking up from Bantham, we headed towards Thurlestone and joined up with the end of the Hope Cove coast walk we did earlier in the week.  That's Burgh Island and Bigbury in the background.

Paddling in the Bantham waves
Yes Mike, you're trying to fly over the water again just like you did earlier on the Devon holiday at Wembury beach.  Yawn, why not try another trick for a change?  Devon sure has some lovely sandy beaches.

Splashing in the surf at Bantham in Devon
Belinda was so keen to have her picture taken in the surf at Bantham she didn't notice that big splashee wave coming up behind!  Now, there's...

Building a sand dam on Devon's Bantham beach
...nothing like reverting back to childhood and building a wall out of sand on Bantham beach to keep the sea at bay!  Er, how old are you?

Buried in the sand on Bantham beach in Devon
Yes Belinda, very funny, you've buried Mike in the sand, just like he was buried here at Bantham in Devon 31 years ago by his little sister!


Well, we certainly had an enjoyable week in the hot Devon sunshine, for planning your own visit you may like to check out our links to some of the many excellent Devon tourist websites we've found.

Mike is pleased to report that Devon hasn't lost its charm since his childhood family holidays.  And it seems that his memories of endless sunny days really were true!

We have some Devon holiday video clips available to view and have written a review of the talkie walkies we first used on this Devon holiday.


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