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Devon video clips - July 2003

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Belinda gets on board the old steam train which is even older than Mike!In this clip from our first day of the holiday the camera follows Belinda as she boards the steam train on The South Devon Railway at Buckfastleigh for the journey to Totnes.
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Belinda about to help herself to Mikes's lunch at WemburyThis clip shows the yummy lunch we ate at the lovely little beach café right on the beach at Wembury and Belinda enjoying her salad in the hot sunshine, going in for a salad close-up.
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Splish Splash, this is fun!Er, Mike forgetting his age and regressing to his childhood as he enjoys splashing in the water on Wembury beach.  One day age will surely catch up with him!
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Mmmmm, yum yum. Another day, another cooked breakfastA close-up shot of the sort of hearty breakfasts we cooked in the holiday cottage and we then discuss the weather and our plans for the day's walking along the coastal path from Hope Cove.
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Hurry up Mike, keep up please, I spot a good spot for our picnic down thereOn the South West Coastal Path between Hope Cove and Thurlestone, Belinda points out a landmark to Mike.  This clip gives a fair idea of the walking and shows the picturesque view.
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Quick Mike, before the tide comes inHere we see Mike quickly walking across the sand before the tide comes in between Bigbury-on-Sea and Burgh Island.  The shot gives a good idea of the distance.
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Belinda cakes herself in sunscreen goo at BigburyBelinda applies yet more sunscreen sitting on the rocks at Bigbury while Mike makes derogatory comments in the nicest possible way of course!  Burgh Island is in the background.
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Another nice spot for another picnicWhat a view!  And Belinda's not bad either!  On our last day and a picnic on the Coast Path near Bantham showing the lovely view towards Bantham, Bigbury and Burgh Island, oh, and Belinda.
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