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West Cornwall Holiday June 2010 - page 2

Our next target during our sunny holiday in Cornwall was the wonderfully scenic St Michael's Mount which we walked to along the causeway at low tide from Marazion.  Then we headed to the Lizard Peninsula and seductive Mullion Cove from where we enjoyed a short walk along Cornwall's South West Coast Path to see the historic Marconi Monument at Poldhu Point and visiting the nearby Marconi Centre.
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Cooking in the Cornwall holiday cottage
Our Cornwall holiday cottage came with a built-in Mike to do breakfast (or was this an evening meal; there's a wine bottle there!).  We also ate out several times at the local pub in Ashton - more later.

View of St Michael's Mount and the causeway across from Marazion, Cornwall
So, off to Marazion in the warm Cornwall sunshine.  We arrived mid-morning and had to wait a while for the tide to recede so we could walk across the historic causeway to St Michael's Mount.

Joining the causeway to St Michael's Mount
In fact we checked the tide times the week before in order to pick the best day to walk across to St Michael's Mount, and we hit the jackpot with the splendid sunny summer weather too!

View along the causeway from St Michael's Mount to Marazion in Cornwall
Here's Belinda arriving at St Michael's Mount with Marazion on the other end of the causeway.  Marazion was a major Cornwall town in medieval times, now it caters for the constant summer tourist trade.

Imposing view of the Benedictine Priory and castle on St Michael's Mount, Cornwall
St Michael's Mount is topped by the Benedictine Priory and castle, within which the St Aubyn family live.  It's open to visitors (7) but instead...

The well in the terraced gardens of St Michael's Mount
...we wandered around the amazing terraced gardens (cost: 3.50), full of tropical looking plants that thrive in the mild Cornwall climate.

St Michael's Mount sub-tropical gardens in Cornwall
The sub-tropical gardens on St Michael's Mount were a joy to behold, full of colour and scent.  Climbing the uneven cobbled steps up the steep terraces proved challenging, especially as there was a moderate breeze - and sometimes no handrail to grab on to.

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Incoming tide lapping the causeway between St Michael's Mount and Marazion
We crossed the cobbled causeway back to Marazion just as the incoming tide was lapping at the edges.

Incoming tide: people trying to walk across St Michael's Mount's causeway
Once safely back in Marazion we sat far a while in the hot afternoon sunshine watching people trying to cross the causeway before the tide completely consumed it.  Boats run to/from St Michael's Mount at high tide, but that's cheating of course!  Our tip: if planning a visit be sure to check the tide times.

Mullion Cove on the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall
The next day of our Cornwall holiday was another hot one and so it was off to the Lizard Peninsula for a short sunny and sticky walk along the South West Coast Path from Mullion Cove to Poldhu Point.  Here's Belinda taking a shot of magnificent Mullion Cove from high up on the cliff.

Mullion Cove harbour, Cornwall
Cornwall's Mullion Cove is a wonderfully idyllic spot and very 'Famous Five' we thought, what with its secluded harbour and Mullion Island just offshore.

Mullion Cliffs from the harbour
The Cornwall coast is famed for its smuggling heritage and we could well imagine quiet Mullion being at the centre of the action in the olden days.

Enjoying the view towards Polurrian Cove in Cornwall
We enjoyed some breathtakingly scenic coastal views as we walked along the South West Coast Path from Mullion Cove; here's Mike looking out with Polurrian Cove in the near distance and Poldhu Point beyond.

Walking Cornwall's South West Coast Path towards Poldhu Point
A lot of Cornwall's coast path has unguarded steep drops - we wouldn't want to walk along here in poor weather!  But no problem on our walk, although with no shade the 30 degree heat proved draining.

The Marconi Monument at Poldhu Point, Cornwall
Finally we hit our target - the Marconi Monument at Poldhu Point, erected to commemorate Marconi's 1901 feat from here when he sent the letter 'S' in Morse Code to St Johns in Newfoundland, proving radio waves could follow the Earth's curvature and paving the way for modern radio communication.

Exhibits inside the Marconi Centre at Poldhu Point in Cornwall
The Marconi Centre at Poldhu Point was a rather anonymous looking hut, but here we enjoyed a short video and look around the info panels.  It's run (part time - check opening times) by the Poldhu Amateur Radio Club and was significant for Mike as he used to be a radio ham in a previous life, callsign G4BFJ.

The Lion and Lamb in Ashton, Cornwall
Phew!  After a such a hot and sticky day walking some of Cornwall's very scenic coast path, we took a refreshing shower back at our Ashton holiday cottage then headed out to the local pub, the Lion and Lamb for a well earned slap-up meal and drink.

So our Cornwall holiday continues on the next page with visits to Land's End, Geevor Tin Mine - and another hot walk, this time to Porthleven >>>

Enjoying a meal at the Lion and Lamb at Ashton in Cornwall
We enjoyed an extremely tasty Rump Steak at the Lion and Lamb - just look at those plates - washed down by a pint or three of the local beer and cider!

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