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UK Tourism on TV – February 17
Let's start our look at February's TV travelogues with an excellent series already underway - 'Tales from the Coast with Robson Green' showing Tues ITV1. Said presenter is still to visit some wonderful places, including Pembrokeshire, where we holidayed in 2014. Also on Tues (Ch5), a promising new series starts called 'Secrets of the National Trust with Alan Titchmarsh', visiting some scenic area of Britain in the process. But what's with the trend to feature the presenter's name in the titles? Looking at Yesterday, some notable re-runs include 'Great British Railway Journeys' and 'Coast' on some weekdays, while BBC4 has 'Reel History of Britain' touring the country. Yes, there's still 'Countryfile' on Suns BBC1, and for more travel related TV programming please click this item...
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UK Tourism on TV – January 17
Well, we're off to a good start in the new year with new travelogues. Presenter Michael Portillo is off yet again with another new series of the excellent 'Great British Railway Journeys', showing on BBC2 weekdays for most of January. And that keen walker Julia Bradbury is off walking in 'Britain's Best Walks...' on ITV1 Fris, starting with the stunning Jurassic Coast in Dorset, the area for our visits last summer (see our new Dorset pages). The ever reliable 'Countryfile' is on Suns BBC1 as usual, but there's nothing much else doing with travel related programming, at least during the early part of January. However, keep an eye on BBC4 and Yesterday later in the month for re-runs of popular past travel series', these channels often deliver. So our good wishes for 2017, for more travel related TV programming please click this item...
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UK Tourism on TV – December 16
Fridays looks the best bet in December, with 'Coastal Path' (BBC2 ) continuing around the West Country's endearing South West Coast Path (parts of which featured we've walked) while 'Countrywise: Guide to Britain' continues on ITV1. Coming to an end now is 'Secrets of Great British Castles' on Ch5, but watch out for future repeats. Back to BBC2 and at odd times 'Coast' and 'Secret Britain' show up. Elsewhere, on BBC4 - often a good source for re-runs of travel programmes - we note 'The Flying Archaeologist' on Mons which should be fruitful for some great aerial views of Britain, and 'Railway Walks' on Tues appears to have made a welcome return visit. There's 'Countryfile' on Suns BBC1 as always, but unusually nothing showing on Yesterday; that'll probably change later in the month. For more travel related TV programming click this item...
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UK Tourism on TV – November 16
Woo-o-o, there's a couple of new travelogues showing in November. The first is of three episodes on three consecutive nights starting Mon 7th on BBC2; that's 'Extreme Walks with Richard Parks', and it all happens in wonderful Wales. The other is a new series of 'Great Canal Journeys' and screened on Sats on Ch4 (repeated on More4 Thurs) for some serene waterway scenes across Britain. Now looking further afield, on BBC4 we see 'Grand Tours of Scotland' (Mons) and 'Canals – The Making of a Nation' (Suns) while on Yesterday there's 'Coast' on weekdays and 'Great British Railway Journeys' at weekends. 'Countrywise: Guide to Britain' continues on ITV1 Fris as does 'Countryfile' on Suns BBC1. That looks to be about it, but check for more travel related TV programming later in the month by clicking this item...
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UK Tourism on TV – October 16
There were several short Travelogue series' that popped into the schedules towards the end of last month; one continues into October: 'Penelope Keith's Hidden Villages' on Weds Ch4. These delightful programmes have been regularly repeated on More4 and definitely worth catching if you've missed this latest series. Another series continuing into Oct is 'Coast: The Great Guide' (BBC2, Weds), re-mashed and condensed from the original excellent Coast and highlighting different areas of the country each week. Moving to BBC4 we see 'British Gardens in Time' and 'Castles – Britain's Fortified History' popping up weekdays while Yesterday has, yes, it's those Coast repeats again (but that's no bad thing) and on weekends 'Great British Railway Journeys'. Finally, the new series of 'Countrywise: Guide to Britain' continues on ITV1 Fris and, as usual, 'Countryfile' on Suns BBC1. Check more TV programming by clicking this item...
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UK Tourism on TV – September 16
Now the summer sporting events are over, let's see if the freed-up schedules contain any new tourism related programming for September! And indeed it does, a new series of 'Countrywise: Guide to Britain' (well, that's what it's called now) is showing on Fris ITV1. Not much else new just yet though, at least at the beginning of the month, but there's the usual re-runs on Yesterday such as 'Coast', 'Great British Railway Journeys' and 'The Golden Age of Canals'. Also keep an eye on BBC4 now the Olympics domination has passed as the channel often shows popular past travelogues, mainly on weekdays. Oh, and don't forget 'Countryfile' on Suns BBC1. More TV programming by clicking this item...
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UK Tourism on TV – August 16
With the Olympics in full swing there's not a lot doing tourism programming wise in August. There's one jewel in the crown though, on BBC2 Thurs the new series: 'Full Steam Ahead' visits many preserved railways and showcases the glorious British countryside in the process. BBC4, usually a good source for suitable stuff to highlight, is all but taken over by Olympics and while both BBC1 & 2 also has a high density BBC2 has managed to slot in 'The Great Antiques Map of Britain' repeats on weekdays. So what else is doing? Well, 'Countryfile' (BBC1 Suns) survives but watch out for timing shifts, and Yesterday has its usual dose of past series such as 'Great British Railway Journeys' at the time of writing. On Ch5 'Secrets of Great British Castles' continues on Weds. With all the sporting stuff over by September we should have more to report on then. For more TV programming click this item...
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UK Tourism on TV – July 16
Now you may be wondering what happened to our June TV travelogue post, well, we were ourselves touring during the beginning part of the month and with the TV schedules being dominated by the summer sporting season, tourism programming didn't get much of a look-in. And so it continues in July; we spot repeats of 'Hairy Bikers' Pubs That Built Britain' (BBC2, Mons), 'Secrets of Great British Castles' (CH5, Wed), 'Britain's Lost Waterlands...' (BBC4 Wed) and 'The Bridges That Built London...' (BBC4, Thurs). Checking Yesterday we see reruns of 'Coast' and possibly other popular past travelogues later in the month. Even 'Countryfile' got shifted in June, looks like it's back in its usual slot now though on BBC1 Suns. Perhaps August will have some new travel related series'. Click this item to find more TV programming...
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UK Tourism on TV – May 16
During May there's a couple of new travelogues already underway: Channel4 on Suns has 'Paul Merton's Secret Stations' where said presenter visits some remote railway stations and explores nearby places, while a new series of 'Barging Round Britain with John Sergeant' cruises along some British waterways visiting places; it's on Fris ITV1. But oh my, in recent years there's been a spate of such travel-along-by-some-means and-visit-interesting-places-and-people type travelogues; good as they are surely it's now time for the TV pundits to invent a fresh format? The best of this type though has to be 'Great British Railway Journeys' and we see reruns on weekdays on BBC2 and Yesterday. Also on BBC2 weekdays are repeats of the somewhat sloppily produced 'Holiday of my Lifetime...' - worth watching for the holiday locations though. And as usual let's finish with 'Countryfile', BBC1 Suns. Find more TV programming by clicking this item...
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UK Tourism on TV – April 16
Already underway in April is new series of 'Secret Britain' (BBC1 Weds), should be worth watching if it's as good as the previous series looking at relatively unknown areas around the country. And although billed in some places as a new series, 'Great British Railway Journeys' repeats weekdays on mainstream BBC2, it's traditional home. Continuing on Fris ITV1 (but shortly coming to series end), is 'Best Walks with a View with Julia Bradbury'. Now this has proved a little gem, definitely worth checking out so if you've missed it then look out for the inevitable series repeat. Also concluding soon is 'Further Tales from Northumberland...', Mons ITV1. The usual 'Countryfile' continues on BBC1 Suns, and 'Coast' reruns pop-up again on Yesterday. Finally, we spot some programming on BBC4 that just may have a tourism angle, 'Brushing Up On – British Tunnels' and 'Locomotion: Dan Snow's History of Railways', both Mons – Weds. Click this item for more travel related TV...
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UK Tourism on TV – March 16
Kicking off with our March round-up of TV travelogues there's a new series (until end April) of 'Further Tales from Northumberland...' on ITV1 Mons as Robson Green visits some interesting areas in the county. The excellent 'Discovering Britain' continues on Weds on More4, as does 'Best Walks with a View...' (ITV1 Fris) where Julia Bradbury tours some wonderfully scenic areas .. er, with a view. Looking at BBC4, on Thurs 'Digging for Britain' visits various archaeological sites and showing the various country regions in the process. And Yesterday comes up with reruns of 'Coast' and 'Great British Railway Journeys' on various weekdays. Well, apart from the regular 'Countryfile' on BBC1 Suns, that's about it but keep a watch-out for later-month travel related programmes by clicking this item...
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UK Tourism on TV – February 16
A new series of 'Holiday of My Lifetime...' started at the beginning of February (BBC1 weekdays), revisiting childhood holiday destinations of various personalities and it sure is fascinating seeing how places have changed in the intervening years. 'Griff's Great Britain' started last month and continues for most of Feb on ITV1 Mons but have to say we find it a bit lacklustre, ho hum. Much better is 'Discovering Britain', just started on Weds on More4. On Yesterday 'Coast' pops-up yet again, while BBC4 is a safe bet for some good reruns; at the time of writing we spot 'Grand Tours of Scotland' and 'Britain's Wild Places' on various days. And we don't often mention ITV3 but check it out as we see repeats of 'Barging Round Britain...' and 'Caroline Quentin's National Parks' on Suns - let's hope travelogues are a new trend for this channel. Otherwise, it just remains to mention the always-there 'Countryfile' on BBC1 Suns. Check for further travel related TV by clicking this item...
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UK Tourism on TV – January 16
Well after a lacklustre December January kicks the new year off with a couple of gems in the way of new travelogue programming. Firstly, there's yet another series of the excellent 'Great British Railway Journeys' (BBC2, weekdays); amicable presenter Michael Portillo shows no signs of running out of stations and interesting places near them to visit. And on ITV1 Mons 'Griff's Great Britain' tours the country looking at different landscapes and lifestyles. Elsewhere, 'Coast' repeats are never far away, this time popping up on both BBC2 and Yesterday on weekdays. BBC4 often shows re-runs with a tourism and historic interest, currently we notice 'Castles – Britain's Fortified History' which could be worth a punt. And of course there's the ever-present 'Countryfile' on BBC1 Suns. So best wishes for 2016 and you can check for further travel related TV by clicking this item...
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