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Scottish Highland video clips - July 2004

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Our lovely spacious cottage and the view from the groundsA look at our holiday cottage in the Scottish Highlands in Piperhill, with a look at the view towards Nairn as Belinda takes a picture.  Then a look at Mike relaxing with a beer in the conservatory as he takes a break from holiday planning surrounded by all the tourist flyers.
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Dolphins swimming alongside the boat on the Moray FirthThis has got to be the holiday highlight, this clip has a shot of the boat 'Dolphinicity' at Lossiemouth, sailing out of the harbour and of course the dolphins swimming alongside the boat out on the Moray Firth and doing their dipping, diving and generally showing off!  Wow!
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Cairn Gorm mountain and the super-smooth funicular railwayA shot of the Cairn Gorm mountain and the funicular railway car going up, then us in it going up the mountain.  Then, Belinda at the top admiring the cloudy view of the highland landscape with the piece shattered by excited Japanese kids up there!  Ock aye the noo!
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Another day in the cottage and another mealSee us (well, Mike really) prepare a meal of Spag Bol in the cottage kitchen and easily get distracted from the task by pouring the wine and then enjoy eating (and drinking) it in the lounge where we discuss what's on the agenda for the next day's exciting Scotland touring!
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Looking for the monster out on Loch NessAs we cruise on Loch Ness the man advises us to keep a lookout for the monster popping up beside us (ooh er), plus we see Urquhart Castle along the shores of the Loch.  No sign of Mike in this shot - has he been eaten by the monster?  Maybe he IS the monster!
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Mike likes his steam trains, here we are at The Strathspey RailwayIn this clip we see Belinda buying the tickets for our ride on The Strathspey Railway, the steam engine, Mike entering the carriage, a look out of the train window up towards the engine and the train puffing out of Aviemore billowing steam everywhere after we've disembarked.
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Cheers! Another scrumptious breakfastAn enjoyable cooked breakfast cooked by Belinda, served by Mike and eaten by Mike and Belinda in the kitchen of the holiday cottage.  Cheers!
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No, not a big bell but a still!The shot shows the distillery at Dallus Dhu and the huge mobile phone thingees we carried around listening to the commentary.  Plus a look at Belinda enjoying(?) a wee dram after our tour.
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