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Lake District video clips - June 2002

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Here's Belinda busy in the kitchen in the cottage serving up Spag. Bol. Ummmm!At the lovely cottage in Staveley, in Cumbria, we cooked Spaghetti Bolognese and in this clip you can see Belinda serving it up while Mike does the drooling.
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Belinda moans about her large video camera then the camera pans round to show Conniston WaterSee the lovely scenery at Conniston Water as Belinda complains about her large camcorder, the shot pans round to show the lake in this lovely setting, even in the grotty summer weather!
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Belinda's a happy girl with that lovely breakfast Mike cooked!In this clip you can see the lovely breakfast Mike cooked Belinda and see her enjoying it and saying so.  In the background the World Cup can be heard on the TV.
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The Haverthwaite & Lakeside Railway steams along the trackOn The Haverthwaite and Lakeside Railway we trundle through the countryside and can hear Mike complaining about all the steam.  Watch out for the person on the bridge getting covered in steam!
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See the lovely spot we found to have our lunch on the Kent Valley fellwalkAdmire the scenery at this simply terrific spot where we enjoyed our picnic lunch right by a stream on the Kent Valley fellwalk.  Hear the gushing water as you admire the stunning Cumbrian countryside.
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Watch Belinda pinch some of Mike's pub lunch in Grange over SandsBelinda again, this time pinching some of Mike's lunch at Grange over Sands.  The camera moves in for a close up while Belinda tries to justify her actions!
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Belinda tries to look like she knows where we're going with map in handAll the clips have been of Belinda so far and this one's no different, here she studies the map while licking an ice cream and Mike comments.
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See a soggy Mike jump down from the stile on our rather wet walk along the Dale Way near StaveleyA shot of Mike at last!  He jumps down from the stile on the Dale Way in the pouring rain and says 'how'.  Maybe he means 'why' - why does walking in the lakes in the brochures always show it in sunshine?
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