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North Wales video clips - June 2001

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Castell Dinas in Llangollen is where Mike started to leap about!Watch Mike leaping about at the top of Castell Dinas, in Llangollen.  He must have been affected by the thin air, or maybe he had too many scrambled eggs for breakfast!
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Belinda needs more practice, don't give up the day job!Belinda shows how not to play golf!  We had a lovely sunny day when we went to Criccieth, on the Lleyn Peninsula.  See her mistreat the golf clubs too!
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Not a good day to climb up Snowdon! This is near the topThis video shows the lovely weather we had when almost at the top of Snowdon.  You'll also hear the wind howling and see the rain lashing down!
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Mike loves talking to the camera and wearing his funny hat to keep the wind out of his ears!Laugh at Mike's funny hat as he does his bit to camera and walks off along The Miners Path.  Notice the breathtaking scenery all around as the camera pans.
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Watch out Mike, here come the men in white coats!Mike tries to kick down the dry stone wall.  Notice how the scene looks lovely in this picture, but not so good in the video - the magic of image manipulation!
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Mike's teddy, called Heather, has the best seat in the car and is all strapped in for the journey homeIt's sad really but Mike still takes his Teddy with him on holiday despite being a big boy now!  The video sees Belinda making sure everybody knows this!
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