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Peak District, Derbyshire Holiday July 1999 - page 2

Venturing into the neighbouring county of Staffordshire, we screamed on some scary rides at Alton Towers; back in Derbyshire we walked to The Three Ships and Nelson's Monument on Birchen Edge, visited Bakewell and enjoyed a very scenic walk in Monsal Dale.
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Alton Towers entrance, Staffordshire
Alton Towers is a short drive into Staffordshire and on day 4 we headed there to brave all the scary rides - the first shock was that they charge for parking on top of the entrance!

Oblivion ride at Alton Towers in Staffordshire
At Alton Towers we made straight for Oblivion - and got our fastpass tickets for our ride time.  The ride plunges vertically into a steamy underground void at great speed.  Eeek!

Alton Towers: The Ripsaw ride
It was a bit on the cool side for many water rides, but the Ripsaw is a classic at Alton Towers, with jets of water squirting up to meet you strapped in the descending giant swing.

The Corkscrew at Alton Towers
The Corkscrew has been at Alton Towers for many years and has two double inversion loops to ensure you see your lunch again!  Even on the dull mid week day of our visit the queues were lengthy.

Serving Spag Bol in the holiday cottage
Safely back at the Derbyshire holiday cottage, we ate in the evening when well away from those rides - every chance of keeping it down now!  Belinda's serving up some yummy Spag Bol.

Outside the pub near Baslow at the start of the Three Ships walk
Next day, and outside the pub near Baslow for the start of our walk to The Three Ships and Nelson's Monument.  Once again the weather wasn't too good, so... erm, a swift pint first?

Eating lunch in the rain on our Peak District walk
Not far into the walk and... it tipped it down!  Still, we should be well used to a drenching after Alton Towers yesterday.  Soon after this the mist came down, just what we didn't need!

On the way to The Three Ships and Nelson's Monument
We both had trouble following the Peak District walk guide book.  Later on we struggled through thick heather in totally the wrong direction before realising our mistake.  Opps!

Resting at the Three Ships on Birchen Edge, Derbyshire
Finally, we reached The Three Ships and Nelson's Monument on Birchen Edge, and time for a breather!  See our tourist resources page for relevant websites to our holiday visits.

Trying to avoid those nettles
Of course, just as soon as we got back to the holiday cottage the sun came out, as it does!  Here's Mike trying to negotiate the stinging nettles after parking at the cottage.  Ouch!

Meal in a lovely Peak District pub
In the evening we ate out at a lovely pub not far from the Derbyshire cottage, both enjoying steak and chips washed down by some fine local ale.

The River Wye at Bakewell in Derbyshire
On our last day of the holiday we stopped off at Bakewell for a look round; this is the River Wye that snakes its way through this Derbyshire town.

Looking out along Monsal Dale in the Peak District
So our final walk in the Peak District was from Monsal Head along part of the Monsal Trail, and a chance to admire the scenic view along Monsal Dale at the start.

Wonderful view of Monsal Dale, Derbyshire
Our walk took us along part of the old Midland Railway, and what a simply wonderful spot for our picnic with another fantastic view of Monsal Dale!

Waterfall on the River Wye near Litton Mill
It's the River Wye again, this time near the old ruins of Litton Mill and a bit of industrial heritage.  We walked alongside it for a while with some more scenic views.

Disused station at Cressbrook on the Monsal Trail in the Peak District
Back on the Monsal Trail on the home leg, we came across this disused station at Cressbrook.  The Monsal Trail opened in the Peak District in 1980.

Leaving the Peak District holiday cottage at Litton to return home
Would you believe it, dodgy weather for the whole week, then warm and sunny on the day of leaving!  If you look carefully Belinda's teaching Mike's teddy to fly!


Despite the sometimes iffy weather, we certainly enjoyed our week in Derbyshire and got in three days of walking in the beautiful countryside of the Peak District National Park.

If you're planning a visit to Derbyshire you'll no doubt find our Peak District and other UK tourist related website resources that we've researched and reviewed handy.

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