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Beaulieu Motor Museum, Hampshire in the New Forest - April 2001

On a horrible wet day we went to Beaulieu, the National Motor Museum in the New Forest in Hampshire to admire the vintage and classic cars on display there plus all the associated motoring memorabilia.  We also visited the James Bond exhibition taking place at Beaulieu at the time.  (All images derived from video stills).

Outside Beaulieu Motor Museum, Hampshire
The Beaulieu National Motor Museum car park seemed half empty, perhaps everyone was staying away due to the foot and mouth outbreak at the time.  The guy on the left is Bob and he's a great guy as he volunteered to drive that day.

Beaulieu gift shop
The first port of call is, of course, the Beaulieu gift shop!  Why do women have such an affinity for such places?  Still, Belinda's picked up the Beaulieu guide book and that was useful for finding our way around the motor museum.

Breakfast in the Beaulieu museum cafe
It took almost two hours to get to Beaulieu and the café there was most welcome!  Later, we enjoyed lunch in the Beaulieu café too and it was excellent - good food, good service, reasonable prices all in clean, comfortable surroundings.

The BMW Z8 from 'Tomorrow Never Dies' getting chopped in half
One reason for visiting Beaulieu Motor Museum was to see the James Bond exhibition running there.  Belinda was shocked to see the BMW Z8 get sawn in half in 'Tomorrow Never Dies', and even more shocked to see it in real life!

James Bond exhibition picture wall - matching pictures to film
At the James Bond picture wall there were lots of images from all the Bond movies, we spent ages trying to match up the pictures to the films!

Using the Bond picture wall
By the time we'd finished, the motor museum was starting to busy up, if only we'd looked round the vintage cars first and done the Bond wall later, doh.

Some vintage motor vehicles at Beaulieu Motor Museum
With so many vintage open-top cars on display at Beaulieu, it must have been so much sunnier in the olden days!  At least air-conditioning wasn't needed, and no power steering or ABS either of course.

Jack Tucker's old motor garage at Beaulieu Motor Museum
Jack Tucker's old-time garage in the Beaulieu National Motor Museum was fascinating and looked very chaotic with tools, spares and bits of car all over the place.  It was like walking into a thirties time-warp.

Trying one of the many interactive exhibits at Beaulieu
Mike's jumping up in the air while trying one of the many interactive exhibits at Beaulieu museum.  There were lots of exhibits of working models demonstrating things like how braking systems and steering work.

Bluebird in the land speed record section at Beaulieu
Here's the famous Bluebird in the amazing land speed record section at Beaulieu Motor Museum.  Now this would speed us up the motorway on our next holiday pretty fast, minus luggage though!

Entering the monorail at Beaulieu Motor Museum
We took a ride on the monorail which runs round the Beaulieu grounds and even through the inside of the motor museum.  The ride did seem rather tame after 'doing Disney' in Florida the year before!

A view of the Beaulieu gardens from the monorail
The gardens looked very well kept at Beaulieu, probably be at best in summer though.  We kept bumping our heads whenever we stood up to take more pictures as the monorail roof was very low.

James Bond memorabilia in the Beaulieu Motor Museum gift shop
Well what a surprise!  Belinda's back in the gift shop as we leave Beaulieu National Motor Museum, buying up some James Bond memorabilia; she's a bit of a Bond fan you know!


The Beaulieu Motor Museum is a great day out for all, not just for old car buffs!  There's something for everyone to do with go-carts to race, the grounds to explore and vintage bus rides (although most of Beaulieu museum is inside).  Although we saw a James Bond exhibition at the time of our visit, other special events take place periodically at Beaulieu.

Check out our UK tourist resources for the National Motor Museum website, it's well worth a visit for study and, of course, vintage car enthusiasts.

We've also visited Burley in the New Forest, elsewhere in the New Forest, and Bond in Motion in London.