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Wiltshire Holiday June 2012 - page 3

From our Downton holiday cottage we ventured into the nearby New Forest in Hampshire during our week in south Wiltshire and enjoyed looking around the scary wizard and witchcraft shops in Burley before heading out for a short walk along the Castleman's Corkscrew trail, part of a disused railway that runs through the New Forest here to the south of Burley.

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Sampling wine in the Downton holiday cottage, Wiltshire
Our self-catering holiday cottage was on the outskirts of Downton in south Wiltshire and conveniently close to Hampshire and the New Forest.  Here we are, as you do, sampling the wine in the cottage one evening as we cooked dinner but...

Inside the Wooden Spoon in Downton, Wiltshire
...we also ate out at the local Indian restaurant in the next village, and this pub in Downton; here's Belinda choosing her meal from the extensive blackboard menu.  The Wooden Spoon was excellent so we happily posted a positive review on BITE.

Burley village, New Forest
Right, so off to the New Forest then and Burley, a village we've visited before to collect some delicious cider - and we did the same again this time!

Tourist shops in Burley, Hampshire
Burley promotes itself as a traditional village 'untouched by time'... hmmm, maybe, but it still has its fair share of gift and tourist shops.

A Burley witches shop
Burley's known for it's connections with witches, dragons and smuggling so we explored a few witch shops.  The story goes that a 'white' witch called Sybil Leek walked the village in the late '50s wearing...

Window display in a Burley witches shop
...a long black coat and pet jackdaw on her shoulder.  But this upset the locals who saw her as a bad 'black' witch, so she moved to the US and wrote books on the occult and astrology.  Anyway, the many...

Another Burley witches shop
...witch shops of Burley were interesting to look around following witch, opps, which...

Striding out for a New Forest walk near Burley
...we put our best feet forward and headed south from Burley into the New Forest countryside.

Using the smartphone + mapping app on the walk
So out came the smartphone again - doing away with paper maps we used GPS and our favourite navigation app to find our way to pick up the Castleman's Corkscrew trail.

Picnic in the the open heath of the New Forest
Now here's a nice spot for a New Forest picnic.  That's Turf Hill in the distance, although we didn't find out if it lived up to the name we gave it - Tuff Hill - as our route took a right just before it.  Phew!

New Forest ponies grazing
Ponies wander freely in the New Forest, in an old tradition called Commoning.

New Forest: on the Castleman's Corkscrew trail near Burley
Presently we reached the Castleman's Corkscrew trail which is a leisure trail following...

Pony encounter on the Castleman's Corkscrew trail
...the route of the disused Southampton to Dorchester railway.  After Belinda had a stand-off with this adorable New Forest pony we...

Stream running under an old railway line bridge in the New Forest, Hampshire
...found (well, Belinda found) a geocache at this old bridge that once took the railway over a stream running through the New Forest heathland.

New Forest countryside in Hampshire
Here's a scenic New Forest view along that stream.

New Forest, Hampshire: a drink at a pub in Burley
Safely back at Burley among the witches, we finished our visit to the New Forest as we started the holiday in Wiltshire a week earlier - in the pub!

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We toured the New Forest previously in 2007 and also explored more myths and legends in Glastonbury.