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Eastbourne Airbourne Airshow, Sussex - August 2003

For the second year in a row we went to be enthralled by the annual free Airbourne Airshow on Eastbourne seafront in Sussex - and unlike before the Red Arrows were flying this time!  On a warm and and sunny day we enjoyed many amazing flying displays in the air and aircraft on the ground.

The crowd watching the flying at Eastbourne Airbourne
We start with an audience reaction - and there were plenty of 'ooos and 'ahhs' as the various aircraft went through some pretty impressive manoeuvres in the sky over the sea at Eastbourne Airbourne.

Utterly Butterly Wingwalkers at the Eastbourne Airbourne Airshow
Here's the Utterly Butterly Wingwalkers zooming in overhead; we saw them last year at Eastbourne airshow - and those girls were still just as fearless doing their headstands on the wing (and a prayer!).

Buzzing the ground: the Utterly Butterly Wingwalkers in action at Eastbourne
That looked close!  The valiant Utterly Butterly Wingwalkers team, trailing smoke, buzzed the kiddies play area on the Eastbourne seafront in Sussex.

Chinook helicopter low down at Eastbourne Airbourne
Our best view of the Chinook helicopter at Airbourne, we were a bit back in the crowds, but even so we still felt the sea spray thrown up by the downdraught.

The crowd at Eastbourne Airbourne in Sussex
Here's Mike enjoying the action at Airbourne, filming it all.  The crowd in the background gives an idea of the popularity of this annual Eastbourne event, the only disappointment was the lack of the Lancaster on the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight.  Next...

The Nimrod flying in the Eastbourne sky at Airbourne
...the Nimrod flew over the Eastbourne crowd, exposing the aircraft's innards.  There was a running commentary over the PA system to keep everyone informed of what was going on at the Airbourne Airshow - and next up was the famous Red Arrows!

The Red Arrows trailing their coloured smoke at Eastbourne
The Red Arrows were the highlight at Eastbourne Airshow and was as brilliant a display of skilled flying and awesome aerobatics as you would expect from the crack RAF Team in their Hawk T1 aircraft.

A heart drawn in the sky by the Red Arrows display Team at Eastbourne
'I love you' was drawn in the sky by the Red Arrows for a couple in the Airbourne audience celebrating their wedding anniversary.  Now, we wonder how much ‘g’ the Team pulled for that manoeuvre?

A favourite Red Arrows manoeuvre at Eastbourne Airbourne
This was a favorite manoeuvre by the Red Arrows at Eastbourne Airbourne.  The Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team's fascinating website is in our tourist resources section and includes the Team's display calendar for the current year's summer display season.

Eastbourne Airbourne: the Red Arrows roar overhead
Now the spectacular finale as the fearless Red Arrows formation broke away over the sea, trailing their coloured vapour trails.  Our airbourne video clips of the Eastbourne Airbourne Airshow includes a rather dramatic Red Arrows moment!

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