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Eastbourne Airbourne video clips - August 2003

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A plane zooms over Eastbourne Pier, er, no, we had just arrived and don't know its nameWe previously saw Eastbourne Airbourne in 2002, but didn't take the video.  This time we did and came away with some great footage.  This shot sees a plane diving down over the pier (arrowed).
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Belinda enjoying the airbourne display at EastbourneThe commentator over the PA says it's a good photo opportunity as the camera pans from the notice, across Belinda and up to the plane in the sky.  Notice the guy behind has disappeared!
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The Utterly Butterly Wingwalkers - phew! that was a near miss!Here we see a near-miss between the two bi-planes and the Utterly Butterly Wingwalkers doing aerobatics up there.  They're a fearless couple of girls, that's for sure!
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Droooon! The Spitfire and Hurricane fly pastSee and hear the distinctive sound of the Spitfire and Hurricane of the Battle of Britain Memorial flight as they entertain the crowds below and appropriate music plays over the PA.
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See and hear the Jaguar as it shoots past in the blink of an eyeA dramatic shot of the Jaguar aircraft as it shoots along the seafront at, well it was very fast!  And it made a lot of noise too.  Lucky there are no speed cameras in the sky!
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The Nimrod flies past the crowd along the seafrontHere we have the Nimrod, a much slower aircraft as it flies over the airbourne visitors with its bomb bay open and its undercarriage down.  The commentator talks about its engines.
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The famous Red Arrows Display Team in a near miss manoeuvreThe highlight for many is the Red Arrows Display Team, it was difficult to decide which clip to save and put here, we decided on this one when two Red Arrows close on another two head on at speed.
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