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Eastbourne video clips - August 2002

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The large red arrow points to the birdman jumper. It's easier to see on the clip!This birdman is counted down by the commentator and jumps in a bi-plane trailing purple smoke, but it doesn't help him to fly as he plummets into the sea!
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I believe I can fly. And he does, for a while anywayNow that's the answer, jump wearing a hang glider kit and you'll go far!  See him soar off from the pier and glide over the sea as the camera zooms out to show just how far he went.
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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a man dressed in funny feathers jumping off the pier into the sea!A birdman wearing lots of colourful feathers jumps as the commentator makes negative comments.  He safely (?) lands in the sea as the audience claps and the camera zooms out showing the pier.
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