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Bognor Birdman video clips - August 2003

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A Birdman jumps off Bognor Pier with an arrow strapped to his back (not to be mistaken with our arrow to point him out)See this Bognor Birdman (arrowed) somersault into the sea from the pier wearing a large arrow.  Richard Branson sponsored the event and did a jump too!
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The giant video screen giving a better view of proceedingsA large TV screen showing a Birdman jump, the camera pans back to show the crowd just as a bald headed guy walks in front of the screen at the precise moment, arrggh!
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Mike making a mess on the picnic blanketIn this clip we can view the picnic spot we found among the crowds at Bognor and Belinda points out the mess Mike made on the blanket with his lunch.  What a messy eater!
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A man wearing a hang glider takes off from the PierA Birdman flies off wearing a hang glider as the camera pans back to show the audience sat on the beach watching the show.  This was towards the finish and the people had thinned out.
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Richard Branson makes a speech on the stageThe master of ceremonies hands the mic to Sir Richard Branson to make a speech on stage after the event wearing a Concord which we can see he has trouble controlling.
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Mike is very pleased to almost score on his first shotLater at Bognor we see and hear Mike's delight as he almost gets the ball in the hole with his first swing of the club at the crazy golf.  It doesn't take much to please him!
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