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Bognor Birdman - August 2003

As the Birdman event was so disappointing at Eastbourne Birdman in 2002, we went to the equivalent Birdman flying contest (or should that be jumping) at Bognor instead the following year - and it was ace!  Pity we didn't get there earlier to bags a better view of all those intrepid Birdman trying to fly the furthest from Bognor pier though.

Giant video screen at the Bognor Birdman event in Sussex
At Bognor they had a number of giant video screens so the crowds could keep up with the crazy Birdman contestants jumping off the pier, attempting to win the 25,000 prize on offer to fly over 100 metres.

A Birdman jumper off Bognor pier
We were a little late in arriving and this was the best view we got of the Birdman contest initially.  The big arrow points to the action on the end of Bognor pier.  Yes, that's Belinda's head to the right!

Trying to get a better view at Bognor Birdman
As you can see we were some way back from the pier so the binoculars came in handy for a close-up view of the Birdman jumpers in their fancy dress clobber.

Nice spot for a picnic in Bognor
We found a nice little spot for our picnic lunch here just off Bognor seafront, away from the crowds, but we could still hear the amusing Birdman commentary.

Making a mess on the new picnic rug
Crumbs!  It's Mike making a mess on our new picnic rug.  Afterwards, we had difficulty packing it up into its bag again, it never did fold up as small as when it came out!  Anyway, following lunch...

Using binoculars for a better view of the Birdman contest in Bognor
...we managed to find a closer place on the beach and got a better view of the last half of the Bognor Birdman event, including seeing Sir Richard Branson's huge Concorde balloon soar into the sky.

A Birdman takes off from Bognor pier into the sea
Here you can just about see a Birdman participant flying off the launch pad (circled).  The binoculars made everything clearer of course.  For a better view, check out our Bognor Birdman video clips!

Splashdown from Bognor pier as a Birdman lands in the sea
Splash down!  But no-where near 100 metres, so no winnings for this bold Birdman!  The nearest managed about 83 metres, see our tourist resources for the Bognor Birdman website and results table.

On Bognor beach with camcorder ready to film all the Birdman
Mike in his element, camcorder in hand, what a Kool Dude!  The Birdman jumping went on for some 2 hours with excellent commentary through the PA and close-up action from the giant video screens.

Sir Richard Branson wearing his Concorde outfit at the Bognor Birdman prize giving in Sussex
Here's Virgin Atlantic boss Sir Richard Branson on the stage at the Bognor Birdman presenting prizes while wearing a, er, Concorde.  Earlier, he'd launched a giant replica of Concorde away into the stratosphere.

Crazy golf at Bognor
We found a great looking Crazy Golf course just off the seafront at Bognor so enjoyed a game (and a few laughs too).  Here, Mike's tried to whack the ball through the rotating sails of the windmill - many times!

Playing crazy golf at Bognor in Sussex
All in all we enjoyed a terrific day out at the Bognor Birdman event despite being unable to get very close to the action.  Moral: leave earlier and bag a better vantage point before the crowds mount up!

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