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Longleat visit, Warminster, Wiltshire - July 2005

On what must have been the worst day of the summer for weather, we went to visit the wildlife at Longleat, near Warminster in Wiltshire.  Nevertheless, we enjoyed seeing the awesome animals in this drive-through Safari Park together with Longleat House, gardens, and some of the other Longleat attractions.

At the entrance to Longleat Safari Park
It took about 1 hours to travel through Longleat Safari Park to see all the wonderful wildlife including giant giraffes, meddling monkeys, zany zebras, desirable deer, wolves, bison, lions and tigers.

Mmmm, tasty! A giraffe has a feed at Longleat
This handsome giraffe found it handy being able to stick your neck out and get food from where other animals cannot reach.  We weren't quite this close to the guy, the camera zoom helped here!

A llama about to get run over on the roadway at Longleat
Apparently the animals have right of way in Longleat Safari Park, this loopy llama either had zero road sense or an attitude problem sitting there slap bang in the middle of the drive-through roadway!  Moving on...

Cheeky monkeys at Longleat plotting to whip the wiper blade off and sell it back at the exit!
...and ... ahhh, what's this?  Mum and dad were having a chat with baby monkey, probably teaching him the art of stripping stuff from visitors' cars and selling it back to them at the exit!

This monkey looks like he's having a c**p on the vehicle at Longleat!
Here's a monkey doing something on the roof of that vehicle!  Yes, that's why we chose to travel through Longleat Safari Park on the safari bus rather than take the car in, smart eh!

These Longleat camels have got the hump
We could make the tiresome joke about the camels with the hump, but you've heard it all before so we won't.  It was good to see the animals had plenty of room to roam freely at Longleat.

Rhinos at Longleat
This tractor was nudging the rhinos around the field at Longleat, we couldn't quite see why.  Now for a fact: Longleat opened in 1966 and was the first ever drive-through Safari Park outside Africa.

Deer feeding at Longleat Safari Park
Deer oh dear!  Now these deer certainly knew where their lunch came from.  We stopped here for quite a while to feed these guys, and there sure were many deer to feed!  And another...

Deer oh deer, next time can you bring strawberry flavour animal feed please?
...'ahhh' moment here as the little girl in this car fed the cute deer.  Smart move Longleat; selling visitors animal feed then getting them to feed their wildlife too!  Next up was lion territory and...

A pride of lions at Longleat Safari Park
...this magnificent lion's doing all right with the girls, with six wives to chose from.  As we watched he got up to have a stretch and wander, at which time his ladies became a bit anxious he was leaving them!

Longleat House near Warminster in Wiltshire
Now how's this for a front garden?  After the Safari Park we took a tour round the impressive Longleat House and saw many portraits of the Marquis of Bath showing his rather weird dress sense off to a tee.

The Longleat Railway train arriving at the station
Next we took a trip on The Longleat Railway which trundles along this narrow gauge track for a mile or so.  The lesser spotted Belinda is on the near right ready to jump aboard for a ride.

All aboard the Longleat Railway
Here we both are then, on the Longleat train waiting for departure.  As you can see we're in our wet weather gear, such a contrast to the sun we enjoyed just a few weeks previously in Dorset!

The lake at Longleat from the Longleat Railway
The Longleat Railway ran round the extensive grounds and alongside the lake.  We didn't see any of the seals in the lake, maybe they were keeping out of the rain to stay dry.

Main visitor area at Longleat Safari Park
Here's a general view of the main concourse at Longleat.  There were plenty of eating places, but Mike was disappointed to find that the Longleat Arms pub he remembered from a youthful visit was no more.


Despite the rain, we enjoyed our visit to Longleat Safari Park.  There's plenty to see and do at this wonderful Wiltshire attraction, we just wished the weather had been more suitable to explore the Hedge Maze, the Butterfly Garden and take a cruise on the Safari Boats.  Oh well...

The Longleat website is an excellent resource for potential visitors, you can read our review plus many other websites in our UK tourist resources.

So... just got to visit the shop the Longleat monkeys run at the exit and buy back the items those cheeky monkeys swiped as we drove round earlier...

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