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Monkey World in Dorset - August 2006

Monkey World near Wareham in the Dorset countryside is home to over 160 apes and other primates rescued from less favourable conditions.  We'd previously visited Monkey World in 2005, but so enjoyed it returned for a day trip in 2006 to revisit this wonderful ape sanctuary.

Posing in front of the centre map at Monkey World
Here we are then inside Monkey World at the start of our wander round to see all the apes, monkeys and other primates.  The centre map behind us helpfully pinpointed all the areas to visit...

The crowds looking round Monkey World in Dorset
...throughout the 65 acres of Dorset woodland and spot the 16 different primate species living in their natural environment.  And as you can see, there were also a lot of human species at Monkey World too!

Gibbon Alex, complete with baby posing for pictures
This is Alex, a gibbon, with baby in tow.  Baby gibbon had to hang on for dear life as mother leapt wildly around the large enclosure.  Meanwhile...

Chimpanzee enclosure at Dorset's Monkey World
...in the huge chimpanzee enclosure it was interesting to notice that the primates have a strict social pecking order with a dominant (alpha) male in charge.

Monkey World Ape
We wondered who got the most out of Monkey World; us looking at them or them looking at us!  The monkeys could view us for free, but we had to pay 9.

The keepers gave frequent talks at Monkey World
The keepers gave frequent and informative talks and were happy to answer questions, seen here at the Nursery Chimps enclosure.

Preening apes at Monkey World
One for the 'awww' factor!  The guy lying down was enjoying being preened by the ape above.

Elevated viewing area at Monkey World, Dorset
Monkey World has many elevated viewing areas where a good view of the primates could be had.

Lunch time at Monkey World
Yum?  No sign of lunch so I'll just eat this twig I've broken off the tree!  This little guy certainly made a meal of the abundant vegetation.

A hungry Capuchin monkey at Monkey World
This is a Capuchin monkey.  He was running back and forth, pausing, rubbing his tummy and looking up the path outside his enclosure.  We think he was looking out for the keeper to bring his lunch!  Read all about Dorset's monkeys on the Monkey World website in our UK tourist resources.

Another monkey hanging around at Monkey World
Some of the primates adopted some rather uncomfortable looking positions on their equipment in the enclosures.  This fellow looks like he's had a mishap with the fur dye, whoops!

Monkey World: an Orangutan
Here's an Orangutan pausing to have her picture taken.  Many of the monkeys seemed to realise people wanted to take their picture and were happy to stop monkeying around and pose.

Monkey World: a swinging monkey
It was good to see the Monkey World monkeys had plenty of room and equipment to climb, swing and chase each other on.  They ran around so fast it was often difficult to get a picture.

Playing monkeys at Monkey World
We watched these two guys playing for a while, then the poor monkey below was swung back and forth by the scruff of the neck before being dropped to the ground by the one above - then coming back for more!

Information point on Monkey World's woodland walk
Belinda's here with our friend Bob checking out the information point on the woodland walk which...

Ring-tailed Lemur at Monkey World in Dorset
...led to the ring-tailed Lemurs who liked to wrap their tail round their face when sleeping.  Further on...

Monkey World: stump-tailed Macaques
...we saw these stump-tailed Macaques checking each other for fleas - looks like they could do with rubbing some sunscreen in too!  Opened in 1987, Monkey World is disabled visitor friendly and another nearby Dorset attraction is Bovington Tank Museum.

Buy me, buy me; in the Monkey World gift shop
No trip to Monkey World is complete without a visit to the gift shop and getting Mike to buy you your very own little monkey (but you've already got one Belinda)!  When in Dorset, Monkey World is definitely worth a day's visit, so gets a thumbs up from us!

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