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Leisure Attraction: Egyptian Sand Sculptures

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Egyptian Sand Sculptures - August 2005

The world's biggest sand sculptures were created at Black Rock, near Brighton Marina during the summer in 2005.  We went along to have a look at this amazing Egyptian village sculptured entirely out of sand.

The entrance to the Egyptian sand sculpture village at Brighton
The entrance to the Egyptian sand sculpture village cost 6 and after buying our ticket we walked through the entrance straight into...

Egyptian sand sculptures gift shop
...the gift shop!  That's strange, the gift shop is usually at the exit.  Various Egyptian artefacts could be brought in the shop, we carried on through to the...

General view of visitors among the sand sculptures
...Egyptian sand village.  Now, where to start in this intriguing 40,000 sq ft sand creation?  We ended up wandering around the wrong way, opps!

Osiris sculptured in sand
Here's Osiris, the god of the dead and underworld ruler, sculptured in sand.  Alongside is Mike, the god of beer, and he's made of flesh and blood!

General shot of the Egyptian sandy village at Brighton
With a modern accommodation block as a backdrop to the sand sculpture village at Black Rock, it didn't quite feel ancient Egypt somehow.  But we sure had Egyptian type weather though.

Egyptian hieroglyphics carved in the sand
Now here's some hieroglyphics carved in the sand.  The Egyptians were quite chatty with their hieroglyphics (holy, engraved writing); this was one of many in the sand village at Brighton.

Exhibit showing Tutankhamun's tomb being discovered at the sand sculpture village
In a tented area in the village this scene depicted the moment Tutankhamun's tomb was discovered by Howard Carter in 1922.  Just the month before we had visited the Tutankhamun Museum in Dorchester.

Sand sculpture crocodile
Mike posing again, this time by a sand sculpture of a crock.  All the sculptures were made entirely of sand and water, but using a special type of sand that doesn't fall apart in the rain.

A row of Egyptian gods sculptured in sand at Brighton
The sand artists must have spent hours carefully sculpturing all the Egyptian gods, these ones were between the lofty pyramids, also made of sand.

Egyptian sand sculptures at Brighton
We took tons of pictures as we wandered around all the fascinating Egyptian sand sculptures at Brighton, resulting in some 300 images to sort through!

Refreshment area at the sand sculpture village
We can tell you the refreshment area was very welcome on a hot August day, here we enjoyed an ice cream after the hot and sticky walk among the sand sculptures.  Now, just the gift shop to visit again then!

The sand sculpture village created nr Brighton Marina in 2005
We took this shot from the marina wall and it shows just part of the awesome 2005 Egyptian sand sculpture village in Brighton.  Please see our UK tourist resources for some sand sculpture websites.

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