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Leisure Attraction: Roman Sand Sculptures

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Roman Empire Sand Sculptures at Brighton - June 2006

We went to view the enthralling Roman Sand Sculptures near Brighton Marina, travelling there via the historic little seafront Volks Electric Railway and lunching in a lovely marina restaurant.  This visiting of sand sculptures is becoming an annual event for us - we explored the Egyptian Sand Sculptures the previous year.

The Volks Electric Railway on Brighton seafront
The Volks Electric Railway trundles along Brighton seafront for just over a mile between the pier and the marina.  Opened in 1883, it carries a quarter million passengers a year, including us, and on arrival...

Large luxury yachts at Brighton Marina in Sussex
...at Brighton Marina we admired these luxury yachts.  However, the marina complex did create an impression of everything tightly squeezed in a claustrophobic concrete jungle with little design flare.

Brighton Marina restaurants
We lunched in one of the many fine restaurants at the marina and enjoyed a scrumptious Italian meal in the place seen here on the right.

Towards the entrance to the Roman Sand Sculptures attraction
The sand sculptures were themed on the Roman Empire and, unlike the previous year, were under cover rather than out in the open (except for these few).

A large sand sculpture at Brighton
The Roman sand sculptures were huge - just compare the size here to Mike!  This guy must have been someone important in the Roman Empire.

Roman Emperor Augustus carved in sand
Once inside, the first sand sculpture to greet us was Augustus, the first and most important of the Roman Emperors.  Well, Augustus certainly looked daunting.

Sand sculpture of Trajan's Column and Roman aqueduct system
We  took loads of photos of the sculptures; this one depicts Trajan's Column and the foreground illustrates the very efficient Roman aqueduct system.  Now,...

Roman army on the march sculptured in sand at Brighton
...the Roman Empire ruled two thousand years ago and was a varied one of a strong, powerful and civilised society and sometimes a violent and greedy one.  This sand sculpture illustrated a Roman army on the march, now we wouldn't want to come across this lot on a dark night after a few beers!

Hannibal's war elephants sculptured in sand
This very detailed sand sculpture was an illustration of Hannibal marching an army over the Pyrenees bringing war elephants into northern Italy.  See our tourist resources for more on sand sculptures.

Sand sculpture depicting a Roman orgy
The Romans also famously indulged in numerous orgies and there were a number of sand sculptures to illustrate this other aspect of Roman life.  Yes your bum does look big in all that sand!

Roman Baths scene, all sculptured in sand
Now the famous Roman Baths sculptured in sand.  The Romans had a number of  baths - cold, warm and hot - which they believed could cure ailments, plus they also doubled-up as a social gathering point (like the pub?)  Look carefully and you might spot a rather shy Roman guy in the background!

A domineering Roman woman sand sculpture
We weren't sure if this was another orgy or it depicted the violent side of the Roman Empire!  Oo-er!

Posing beside a scary Roman sand sculpture
Who's the scariest guy here, Mike or the Roman sand sculpture?  Once again we thoroughly enjoyed our visit to see the awesome sand sculptures at Brighton.  Right, back on the Volks Railway, but first...

The sand sculpture refreshment area at Brighton in Sussex
...on the way out we stopped by the sculptures café and wished we hadn't - the tea was like dishwater!  And there wasn't a sand sculpture gift shop like last year - OMG, what's Belinda gonna do now?

Also visited: Rockbourne Roman Villa in Wiltshire and 2005 visit to the Egyptian Sand Sculptures.