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Tourist Leisure Attractions: Shakespeare Globe

Belinda and Mike - follow our tourist travels in the UK

Kylie exhibition V&A Museum, Millennium Bridge & Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

To kick-start our 2007 visits we went to view the Kylie exhibition taking place at the V&A museum, then wobbled walked over the infamous Millennium Bridge across the River Thames to the Southbank to enjoy an enthralling guided tour of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre.

Outside the Victoria & Albert museum to see Kylie - The Exhibition
Mike's a big Kylie fan so it was off to London's Victoria & Albert museum to see: Kylie - The Exhibition.  We went with our friend Bob who's also a Kylie fan!  Yes, that's Kylie's poster outside the V&A.

V&A restaurant
Bummer!  Don't we just hate it when we find taking photos isn't allowed!  So we haven't any to show for our visit.  It's enough to put you off Kylie.  Here's the ornate V&A restaurant where we refreshed before...

John Madejski Garden at the V&A
...taking a look at the John Madejski Garden at the V&A, which was popular in the warm April sunshine.

Enjoying a drink in a London pub garden
Moving on then, a short tube ride to Blackfriars later and we found a pub with outside area to enjoy a pint sitting in the sun.
London's pretty easy to get around, see our resources section for London and UK travel websites.

The Millennium Bridge spanning the River Thames in London
The Millennium Bridge cost 18 million and links the north and south banks of the River Thames from St Paul's Cathedral to the Tate Modern.  It's infamous for the wobble it suffered when first opened in June 2000 which cost another 5 million to fix.

Millennium Bridge tourist sign underneath the bridge
Checking the info board under the Millennium Bridge.

On the Millennium Bridge with St Paul's Cathedral in the background
That's St Paul's Cathedral in the background as we started to cross the bridge.  Now come on Mike, don't be scared, they've fixed the wobble now.

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre from the Millennium Bridge
Despite Mike's best efforts, we can report that there's no sign of a wobble now on the Millennium Bridge.  As for Mike, his wobble could be put down to that earlier pint!  As we approached the south side we spotted our next destination, Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, located here with a big yellow arrow.

Outside view of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre
Shakespeare's Globe was completed in 1997 at a cost of 30 million on virtually the same spot as the original.  It's next door to the Tate Modern.

Entering the Globe Theatre in London
For 9 we had a guided tour of the Globe Theatre which lasted around 40 minutes, following which we were able to wander around the exhibition next door.

A guided tour of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre - Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo
Once inside the Globe we followed our entertaining guide to the lower area and heard all about the international artists playing a summer season of plays.

Tour group inside Shakespeare's Globe Theatre
Building work was still in progress so we had to contend with some banging and crashing.  Though this be madness, yet there is method in it.

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre stage
Here's a long shot showing the entire stage area at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre.  It's amazing that all plays use just the one table and chair for props - very minimalist.  Thereby hangs a tale.  Our tour...

Sitting in the arena at the Globe Theatre
...of the Globe finished in the upper area.  Mike wanted to get up on stage and recite 'To be or not to be', but Belinda pointed out he'd need to be exceedingly well read.  Oh, that way madness lies.

Beside the Dr Who exhibit at the Globe
Shakespeare's Globe Theatre had recently been used in an episode of Dr Who, so it was fitting to see a section devoted to this.  Visit our UK tourist resources for the Globe Theatre website.

Shakespeare: gosh, these knickerbockers are really uncomfortable!
No Mike, you wouldn't be able to jog very far in all that Shakespeare clobber, now change back into your present day clothes!  After our tour, we wandered around the interesting exhibits.

Southbank area of London showing River Thames and Millennium Bridge
We spent around 1 hours at the wonderful Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, including the tour.  Back outside now with the River Thames and Millennium Bridge as a backdrop.

The buzzing Southbank in London
The whole Southbank area was buzzing, at the end of an enjoyable day out in London.  Well, we can't have too much of a good thing and all's well that ends well.  (OK, now done with the Shakespeare quotes!).

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