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Tower Bridge Exhibition, London - September 2007

On a fine late summer's day we headed up to London and visited the fascinating Tower Bridge Exhibition and attempted to discover how it all worked.  Along the way we enjoyed some fantastic views over the River Thames from the high level walkways and were enthralled by the Victorian Engine Rooms.

Posing in front of Tower Bridge in London
Here we are then, posing for a picture with Tower Bridge as a backdrop.  Unfortunately this was into the sun which was low in the mid-September sky.  We enjoy several trips to London each year, and often visit with our friend Bob who took many of the photos.

Tower Bridge's north tower with the highway running through
Looking south over the bridge, the Tower Bridge Exhibition entrance was to the right.

Tower Bridge's high level east walkway
After paying the reasonable 6 Tower Bridge Exhibition entrance fee, we ascended 45metres by lift to the east walkway and viewed...

Tower Bridge: display identifing the London landmarks
...the many engrossing displays identifying the numerous London landmarks below as we walked along Tower Bridge's high level walkways.

View east along the Thames from Tower Bridge walkway
This breathtaking view's looking along the River Thames towards Canary Wharf and the London Docklands, seen in the distance on the left.

Audio-visual show inside the Tower Bridge Exhibition
Both towers were showing fascinating films of the bridge's building and history.  Can you spot one of the bridge's massive lifting arms above that notice?

The Penny Press in the west walkway at Tower Bridge
Mike took a picture of Belinda trying out the Penny Press in the west walkway as she...

Squashed! An embossed a penny from the press
...embossed a penny like this!  It came out a bit squashed though.  London tourists, eh!

Taking a shot of west London
Yet another picture in the bag!  Now here's a free tip for photographers - when taking photos through windows, hold the camera as close as possible to the glass to minimise reflections.

From Tower Bridge: St Paul's Cathedral, The City and the Tower of London view
This is looking towards The City from Tower Bridge's west walkway.  St Paul's Cathedral can just be seen on the far left, down on the near right is the Tower of London, behind which is the cigar shaped Gherkin.

Tower Bridge showing the high level walkways
Emerging back outside, we looked up towards the bridge's high level walkways we'd just visited.

Inside Tower Bridge's Victorian Engine Rooms
No - don't turn it up any higher!  The Victorian Engine Rooms were part of the Tower Bridge Exhibition and these giant boilers were used in the olden days to generate the steam for the lifting engines.  You'll find Tower Bridge resources in our UK tourist links.

The huge steam engine that used to raise Tower Bridge
Just trying to figure out how it all worked.. erm...  Here's the large flywheel of one of the two huge steam engines that used to raise Tower Bridge.

Control gear in Tower Bridge
To the right are the dials, levers and gauges that controlled the bridge in past times, to the left marches up Belinda who controls Mike in present times!

Victorian Engine Room battery apparatus
Here's the battery - two giant piston looking things that could store enough power to raise and lower the bridge without steam.  Brilliant Victorian engineering!

Reading a Tower Bridge Exhibition exhibit
Well, let's leave Mike there still trying to figure out the workings.  The Tower Bridge Exhibition and Victorian Engine Rooms sure proved to be an engaging visit.

Crane hung musicians in Jubilee Gardens, London
After touring Tower Bridge we had lunch then headed to Jubilee Gardens where we came across this amazing site - a giant crane suspending a 'mobile' of musicians playing away right up in the air!

Drummer playing high in the sky in London
A close-up of the drummer, now we hope he doesn't get caught short up there!  Notice the lovely clear blue sky, which was a rare sight indeed during the UK 'summer' of 2007!

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