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Tower of London June 2004 - page 1

Join us for a visit to the Tower of London - we promise not to have you locked up by a Beefeater!  We started with a walk over Tower Bridge to get to the Tower of London and once there enjoyed an entertaining guided tour by a Yeoman Beefeater guy.
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London's Tower Bridge
On the way to the Tower of London we walked alongside the River Thames, past HMS Belfast and over Tower Bridge, also visited by us.  Here's...

Checking photos of Tower Bridge
...our friend Bob showing Belinda his new digital camera.  The weather looked a bit dull, not good with only a few weeks to go until mid-summer!

About to cross the River Thames over Tower Bridge
Mike (looking more like a country rambler than a London tourist) and Belinda in discussion, with Tower Bridge as a backdrop.  We all had our digital cameras so as you can imagine we took plenty of pictures in the Tower of London!  First though, we walked...

Looking along Tower Bridge with no traffic!
...over Tower Bridge to get to the Tower.

Towards the Tower of London from Tower Bridge's arches
Half way over the bridge we stopped and looked across to the Tower and imagined what it was like in the olden days.  That modern pointy building is the Gherkin in the City of London.

Tower of London entrance
The entrance to the Tower of London cost 13.50 at the time of our visit.  Once inside we met a stately looking Beefeater who showed us around.  Mike would like a job where he gets to eat all day too!

The Yeoman Beefeater with a tour group
We were guided round the Tower by this Yeoman Warder (or Beefeater) guy who kept his audience well amused with lots of witty snippets of intriguing information.  At this point we were about to walk under the Bloody Tower, while behind us was St. Thomas's Tower and Traitors Gate.

Inside the Tower of London towards the Chapel Royal
Of course there were plenty of photo opportunities as we wandered round the Tower of London.  And as you can see, we weren't the only tourists.  The engaging Beefeater guided tour lasted about an hour and included the Chapel Royal - where the Beefeater straddled the exit awaiting tips!

The Waterloo Block Tower guard being photographed
Er mate, your flies are undone!  This guard was guarding the Waterloo Block where the Crown Jewels are kept - better not nick them then!  We joined the queue and saw the Jewels, but unfortunately photos weren't allowed inside this part of the Tower of London.  See our many London tourist resources.

Queue at the Jewel House entrance to see the Crown Jewels
The highlight of our visit was viewing the Crown Jewels in the Jewel House.  Continue to next page for the Tower of London's White Tower and armoury >>>

We've also visited the Tower Bridge Exhibition and Lewes historic town.