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Tower of London June 2004 - page 2

So our visit to the Tower of London continued with a look around the fascinating White Tower including the awesome armoury.  Then it was off to the grisly torture room followed by a short stroll along the Tower's wall walk overlooking the Thames.
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The White Tower at the Tower of London
The White Tower was our next port of call on our Tower of London visit, which was much like a museum inside with plenty of exciting exhibits to see.

An enactment of old time fighting at the Tower of London
On the way to the White Tower we saw these two colourful characters bravely fighting with swords swishing wildly around, and looking very realistic!  While they were fighting it out they explained to the gathered audience all the moves and counter moves used by warriors of old.  Wonderful stuff.

Inside the White Tower
Inside the White Tower now, which would have been alright if it wasn't for all the other tourists!  The White Tower marks the start of the Tower of London's history, of which it's got a lot to tell.  There were...

A model of the Tower of London in 1547
...plenty of exhibits, this one showed a model of the Tower of London as it was in 1547, and no, Mike doesn't remember that far back.  Tower of London websites are in our tourist resources.

An armoured horse and rider in the White Tower
Here's an amazing mounted suit of armour on an armoured horse - it's surprising they ever managed to move let alone gallop!  Now we hope it didn't rain or neither would be able to move, it'll all rust up.  How on earth did they ever manage to fight?

Looking round the Armoury in the White Tower
It looks like someone's pointing a gun at Mike's head here, while Belinda looks on in amusement.  All the olden guns, armour and stuff was amazingly interesting and we spent ages in the White Tower's intriguing Armoury area studying it all.

Reading the exhibits in the Tower of London's White Tower
In a rare moment when no one else was around we managed to read the many interesting exhibits on the wall.  In actual fact the White Tower was very popular with tons of tourists milling about.  Next up...

Gun collection displayed on the wall in the Armoury
...for us was the Armoury with its large collection of fearsome guns hanging up on the wall.  Now here's a historic fact we found out: the White Tower was begun during William the Conqueror's reign.

The Tower of London's torture chamber
We moved on to the torture room, displaying plenty of gruesome implements.  Hmmm, that rack looks like it could it be used to s-t-r-e-t-c-h Mike out a bit!

Resting a while on the Tower of London wall walk
Well we managed to escape the Tower without getting locked up so we finished up with the wall walk, our enjoyable visit to the Tower of London almost over.

View of Tower Bridge from the Tower of London
Yes, that looks suspiciously like Tower Bridge again over there.  We had a great day out at the Tower of London and can highly recommend this attraction.

A large luxury yacht alongside HMS Belfast on the Thames in London
Just as we were leaving the Tower we spotted this enormous luxury yacht moored up alongside HMS Belfast, how the other half live, eh!

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