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Lewes, Sussex visit, March 2002 - page 1

We thought we'd visit Lewes, the historic county town of East Sussex.  We saw the famous court, typical Sussex Twittens, the River Ouse and the Cliffe area, and enjoyed lunch in The Dorset Arms next to Harvey's Brewery.
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A noteworthy building in Lewes, Sussex with a historic description plate
Lewes is a very historic Saxon town where many well-known people have lived in the past and buildings have description plates on the wall to inform why the building is of note.  We cannot remember what this one said now!

Viewing a historic plate at Southover Park in Lewes
This is another historic plate on the wall at Southover Park in Lewes, giving details on its history.  What a good idea of the local Lewes Council to do this, we found lots of these on our trek through this rather attractive Sussex town.

Lewes County Court in the High Street
Here's Lewes County Court in the High Street and famous for many major court cases in Sussex.  The road is actually the main one through the town; we snapped this picture quickly during a rare lull in traffic and avoided getting squished.

A Sussex 'Twitten' in Lewes
The famous Sussex 'Twitten', a little lane that runs alongside between buildings, providing a very useful shortcut - if you know where you're going!  We didn't, except we were heading for lunch somewhere and exploring Lewes along the way.

Previous railway engine shed in Lewes
This building used to be an engine shed on the railway when there was a line between Lewes and Uckfield.  It's now a café and market shopping area.  There's talk of re-opening the line, so unfortunately this'll have to go if they do!  Doh!

Harvey's brewery by the River Ouse, Lewes
Looking north from the bridge over the River Ouse in Lewes, and on the right is Harvey's brewery, badly flooded during the floods of 2000.  The wonderful aroma of the hops encouraged us to seek out a nice pub for lunch at this point.

Cliffe High Street in Lewes in Sussex
Cliffe High Street at the eastern end of Lewes was a narrow, busy place with delivery trucks blocking the road.  We noted Harvey's had a brewery shop, but Belinda managed to yank Mike away before he succumbed!  A little further along and...

The Dorset Arms pub in Lewes
...we lunched at the Dorset Arms at the eastern end of Cliffe High Street.  We can definitely recommend this pub if you're ever in Lewes, there's good food, good beer and friendly service in two bars and a small outside garden.

Lunch in the pub in Lewes
Here we are, tucking into our food at the Dorset Arms.  The Harvey's beer went down well too!  Both the food and the drink in the pub were mmm, yummy, and it was a good, relaxing lunch break after our morning spent walking round Lewes.

Lunch in the pub - after!
Well, that went down well!  This set us up nicely for our walk around the rest of Lewes and back up the hill to the main part of town and Lewes Castle (next page).  There's links to Sussex and Lewes tourist resources in our tourist resources.

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