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London Visit - The London Eye, March 2002 - page 1

Our first leisure trip of 2002 was to take a ride (or should that be flight) on The London Eye in Jubilee Gardens.  Despite it being rather early in the year in March, there were oodles of other tourists about, in fact this area of London around Jubilee Gardens and along the Thames is very popular with tourists.
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The London Eye, towering above County Hall and Jubilee Gardens
As we emerged from the tube, we were greeted with this view of the London Eye and wondered what we were letting ourselves in for, it looked really high - yikes!  A short walk over Westminster Bridge and we were there, oo-er!  We hadn't...

View of the London Eye superstructure
...pre-booked London Eye tickets so queued for about thirty minutes for tickets, then another thirty minutes to ride (or fly).  Here's a worm's eye view to the top of the London Eye showing the bicycle wheel type of structure, an awesome sight.

The London Eye operatives guiding people into the capsules
Almost there now!  The Eye was continually moving while loading people and the capsules were much larger than we expected this close up, with lots of glass to aid viewing the London sites from above.

The two large struts holding up the London Eye and the queue below
Up Up and Away!  We could see the queue below, stretching the length of County Hall and Jubilee Gardens.  We were about a quarter of the way round on the Eye here and it all moved very smoothly.

Inside the London Eye capsule
Now inside the London Eye capsule; our friend Bob is standing on the left with Belinda sitting on the bench, finding her 'flight legs'.  Each capsule could hold about twenty people, the flight cost 9.50 at the time of our visit and lasted around half an hour.

View from the London Eye: The Houses of Parliament & Westminster Bridge
Here's a great view of Westminster Bridge, the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben below.  As we were blessed with a good, clear day we could see for miles across the London skyline, identifying many of the Capital's landmarks below us.

Capsule at the top of the London Eye
Now at the very top of the London Eye and we suddenly noticed the capsule alongside was empty, which was a bit worrying - we were sure there were people in it earlier!  Perhaps they'd used the emergency ladder on the bottom left?  Huh?... argghh!

In the London Eye capsule with the Houses of Parliament in the background
Two peas in a pod!  Belinda and Mike here with the Houses of Parliament behind.  No, we weren't really gripping that hand rail tightly, just steadying ourselves for the photo.. honestly.. really!  See our tourist resources page for the London Eye website.

Capsules and metalwork of the London Eye
A last shot of the London Eye then, showing the capsules (or pods) on our way down.  Our fantastic flight was almost over now, and an exhilarating experience and definitely worth the money (and queuing).  We also shot some video.

Tower Bridge in London
After our wonderful flight on the London Eye we took the tube, enjoyed lunch in a lovely London pub, then walked across Tower Bridge to HMS Belfast, so click to join us on the next page >>>

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