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London video clips - March 2002

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Full of apprehension, we enter the London EyeThe camera follows Belinda as she enters the London Eye pod ready for a half-hour birds-eye view of London.  Here we go then!  No, we're not at all nervous.
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I hope this pod is safe, it's a long way up!This video clip pans from Belinda and Bob to show the view from the top of the eye and shows some of the famous London landmarks way down below.
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See the delight on Mike's face as he plays with a big gun on HMS BelfastMike becomes a big kid again as he swings the big gun round on the deck of HMS Belfast.  Watch out Belinda with the camcorder, he's aiming your way!
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Don't press that red button Bob!This clip shows the engine room on HMS Belfast and pans to Bob just as he's about to press that big red button!  Don't press that butt......  Arrggghhhh!
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A last snap of HMS Belfast before heading homeA pan round from Belinda taking a picture of the ship to show the whole of the ship at dusk just before heading home.  Here's where video wins over stills when you can't get it all in a photo.
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