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Natural History Museum, London April 2003 - page 2

We took a trip back to pre-historic times with a visit to the Natural History Museum in London's museum quarter in South Kensington.  In this amazing museum we learnt all about the Dinosaurs and other pre-historic and modern day creatures including a huge blue whale and a giant turtle.
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The Natural History Museum in South Kensington, London
The Natural History Museum is housed in an architecturally impressive building in Cromwell Road, South Kensington in London.  There's a step free access in Exhibition Road.

Statue in the Natural History Museum's Central Hall
On the grand staircase in the huge Central Hall at the Natural History Museum we met this statue of Charles Darwin, and looking like he's about to grab our friend Bob, just like in a horror film!  Arrggh!

Central Hall in the Natural History Museum
The Central Hall was certainly impressive with all its grand architecture.  The information area was here and various galleries led off to zones containing...

Getting ready to tour the Natural History Museum in London
...fossils, creepy crawlies, trees, minerals, primates, and birds.  But first up at the Natural History Museum we headed for the...

Looking into the Dinosaur area at the Natural History Museum
...Dinosaur hall.  Oh, Mike's already in there!  (Yes, very funny Belinda, ditch the Dinosaur jokes please).

A Triceratops Dinosaur
Hope you don't mind that Dinosaur stroking your nose Mike.  Seriously though, this guy's a Triceratops.

Natural History Museum: Tyrannosaurus Dinosaur animatronic model
With a loud roar this big Tyrannosaurus Dinosaur was eating its prey with a scary animated and sound display animatronic model.  The huge meat-eating T.rex roamed the earth some 67 million years ago.

Baby Dinosaur Maiasaura nest
Here's some tiny baby Dinosaurs just hatched out of their eggs in a Maiasaura nest.  There was sound here too, and these cute little guys certainly kicked up quite a racket!  And no, we can't have one!

Fishes, Amphibians and Reptiles gallery in the Natural History Museum
Now the Fishes, Amphibians and Reptiles gallery in the Natural History Museum; here we saw many more creatures including crocodiles, snakes and the Komodo dragon, the largest lizard living on land.

Natural History Museum: massive blue whale
This massive blue whale was suspended from the roof and is the largest creature ever.  Other mammals we met here included a duck-billed platypus, a polar bear and (gasp) a woolly mammoth.

Turtle skeleton in the Fossil Marine Reptiles gallery at the Natural History Museum
Yes we posed under this skeleton of (we think) a giant turtle in the Fossil Marine Reptiles gallery.  There were more areas we visited in the Natural History Museum but haven't covered here, for details see the museum's website on our link resources page.

In the cafe at the Natural History Museum
It was well worth the visit but proved rather tiring walking round all the zones in the museum so we finished our tour in the café.  Yes, very funny Belinda, Mike has his picture on the drinks cups in the Natural History Museum, Ho Ho Ho.

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