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James Bond Exhibition, Science Museum, London April 2003 - page 1

We visited the James Bond exhibition taking place at the Science Museum in London and checked out all the goofy gadgets, pressed lots of buttons, sat in M's office, toured the top secret underground control room and took Bond's Aston Martin for a spin.. er, well OK then, we admired it on its stand.
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Refreshment at the Science Museum restaurant
So first to the Science Museum's restaurant which was overpriced, served mediocre food and with a long wait.  The guy left is our friend Bob.

Activating our secret agent card at the James Bond exhibition
We were each issued with a James Bond secret agent card to 'gain access to the interactive terminals'.  Here we are activating it at MI6!  Oo-er!

These interactive terminals at the James Bond exhibition
Despite our timed ticket for the James Bond exhibition we gave up waiting at the crowded interactive terminals and moved on into the main part.  Yes, the James Bond exhibition sure was popular.

Secret agent making a top secret call in M's office
Mike fancied himself as a secret agent so he made himself comfy in M's office, picked up the red phone to plan some highly sensitive top secret mission to send Bond on!  Well, M's office in the Science Museum.

Playing with some James Bond gadgets at the exhibition
Mike likes gadgets so he tried his hand at using some of James Bond's wondrous kit.  Don't press that butto... Oh, too late!  Relevant websites to our visits are in our UK tourist resources.

A dangerous crock exhibit at the Bond exhibition
Further on in the exhibition we came across this fearsome crocodile, no doubt the one James Bond fought with on one of his many dangerous missions.  Er, what Bond film it was that now?

Crocodile about to bite a hand off at the Bond exhibition
Watch out, he'll have your hand off!  Hang on, didn't that crock just blink his evil eye?

A display case of Bond models used in the films
Some of the models used in past James Bond films, including that amazing amphibious Lotus.

Plenty to look at the James Bond exhibition
Further round the James Bond exhibition we viewed many interesting static pictures and exhibits.

Taking a photo of Bond's passport
Secret agent Belinda took a photo of Bond's passport - let's hope the authorities weren't watching!

The photo of Bond's passport
Hmmm, the photo of Bond's passport didn't come out too bad considering.  Probably couldn't make a forgery from it though.

Pressing buttons in the top secret underground control room
There were lots of buttons to press in the top secret underground control room, a feature of many Bond films.  This set off a chorus of...

James Bond exhibition: underground control room
...noisy klaxons and a multitude of flashing coloured lights which played havoc with this shot of the complex looking control panels.  So on to see...

James Bond's Aston Martin used in Goldfinger on display
...James Bond's Aston Martin as used in 'Goldfinger'.  We saw the same Bond vehicles at the Bond display at Beaulieu Motor Museum a few years back.

James Bond's Aston Martin at the exhibition
Ironical really, the sign here said not to touch the exhibits as they're fragile!  Huh? fragile? - we don't think M told Bond, the way he treated his equipment!  Now, where's the button for the machine guns, revolving number plates and ejector seat?

One of the many vehicles used in Bond films at the Science Museum exhibition
There were a fair few Bond vehicles at the Science Museum exhibition, including this hovercraft used in that James Bond film, er, you know the one, the one with the gorgeous girl in it.  This part was made up like a film set with lights, camera.. and action.

Some film props from the James Bond movies
Here's a look down the row of some of the impressive film props at the James Bond exhibition before we headed out via the inevitable...

James Bond exhibition gift shop
...gift shop.  Our verdict on the James Bond exhibition at the Science Museum?  Fascinating and sufficiently different to the one at Beaulieu we'd previously visited.

On page 2 we visit the Natural History Museum.

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