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Dorset video clips - July 2005

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Look up there!Mike gets all excited as he points out the monkeys monkeying around at Monkey World!  We see the monkeys enjoying cool ices lobbed in by the keepers on this hot day and Belinda enjoying Mike's (he's a little monkey) ice cream.  Later we watch 'Monkey Business' on TV.
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Nothing like a holiday cottage cooked mealMike prepares a simple meal in the holiday cottage while Belinda attempts to pour a Mill House Farm Cider without spilling any (whoops, careful now, it's precious stuff!) bought at the Mill House Cider Museum earlier that day.  We sit down to enjoy the meal - and the cider!  Ooo ar!
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Steam train chuffs into Corfe with the castle in the backgroundMike does his bit to camera before boarding the steam train on The Swanage Railway to Corfe.  We look round the castle followed by a visit to Corfe Model Village where Belinda locks Mike in the stocks!  On the train on the way back we check the train's top speed on the Sat Nav.
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A short walk up to the Cerne Abbas GiantIn this clip we start at the viewpoint for the Cerne Abbas Giant and walk through the Dorset countryside to get a closer look.  Returning, Belinda decides on a different route, taking us through thick undergrowth where we get bitten and stung before we take a final look at The Giant.
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These sheep should be barred from this field!Belinda scares all the sheep away while we zoom in to Hardy's Monument in the distance, then find a lovely spot for our picnic lunch.  We walk through the woods and finally arrive at the Monument where we check the Sat Nav and look back down at the way we came.
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Yum! Go steady on the mustard MikeA lovely evening meal at the 'The Coach and Horses' in Winterbourne Abbas, our local pub near the holiday cottage.  The clip shows the outside and inside of the pub where we look at the menu and enjoy our Steak meal which seems to send Belinda to z z z sleep!
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What a lovely view at Lyme RegisHere we see Belinda applying the factor 15 on another hot day, this time in Lyme Regis where we look around the beach area and take a walk on the famous Cobb.  Then we walk part of the South West Coast Path, pausing to take a photo and admiring the view back towards the Cobb.
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Hmm... Think we're here on the South West Coast Path at FleetWe find a nice picnic spot by the old Fleet church, Belinda inspects an old battlement at Chesil Beach while Mike reads the viewpoint tourist notice along the South West Coast Path.  After a hot sticky walk we stop for a drink on the way back then check our trail on the Sat Nav.
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Another healthy breakfast of sausage, egg, bacon, hash browns and beans!The microwave beeps when breakfast is ready, Mike dishes it up while Belinda serves.  A close up of our hearty breakfast then finishing with a shot of us enjoying it before another hard day touring the Dorset area.  This clip gives a good impression of the living area in the holiday cottage.
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Arrggh! Help me Belinda, it's got me!Clips from Dorchester where we see the Town Crier shouting Hoyez Hoyez (what's that all about?) and visit the Dinosaur Museum where Mike meets a distant relative then has a close call when a Dinosaur bites back and fights to prevent himself becoming Dinosaur Dinner!
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