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Scotland video clips - August 2001

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Belinda is delighted to discover The Disney Store in EdinburghSee Belinda's delight as she discovers her favourite store - The Disney Store - in Edinburgh.  Due to a camera fault there's no sound on this clip, sorry.
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The climax of the Edinburgh Tattoo in the rainThis video clip shows the climax of the Edinburgh Tattoo in the pouring rain.  Again no sound, which is a shame or maybe not depending on whether you like bagpipe music!
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Bob and Mike misbehaving in class at BeamishBob gives Mike a whack over the head in the 1913 classroom at the Beamish museum near Gateshead.  The teacher came up afterwards and gave us a telling off!  No sound again.
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The 1913 northern town at BeamishThe camera pans round to show the 1913 northern town at Beamish.  See how bleak it is, especially in the rain.  The sound is back on this clip!
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Well, it's better to be on the rails than off them!Still at Beamish, Belinda balances along the rails and then notices the sign!  Lucky there wasn't a train coming along the 1800s wagon way or it would have been messy!
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