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Museum of Shops, 'How We Lived Then', Eastbourne, Sussex Feb 2004

Our first leisure trip out to somewhere in 2004 was to the Museum of Shops - How We Lived Then - in Eastbourne in East Sussex to see how shops looked in bygone times.  This visit was Mike's nostalgic birthday treat; after all, he must remember all the old artefacts shops of old sold in his childhood!
2017 note: Sadly 'How We Lived Then' in Eastbourne has now closed down.  We'll leave this page up to serve as an example of a nostalgic 'past times' type visitor attraction.

Museum of Shops entrance in Cornfield Road, Eastbourne
The entrance to the Museum of Shops in Eastbourne is in Cornfield Road and the fascinating frontage looks just like an old shop itself, providing a glimpse of many nostalgic artefacts from a bygone era.

Inside Eastbourne's Museum of Shops
Once inside the Museum of Shops we wandered the 'streets' looking in all the shop windows as we went.  Luckily we had the whole place to ourselves as February is hardly peak tourist season.

Collection of china egg cups and ordainments in Eastbourne's Museum of Shops
This shop in Eastbourne's Museum of Shops had a collection of china egg cups and ordainments.  With a lot of stuff crammed into most of the exhibits it did look a little too 'busy' though.

The rather chaotic counter in the Grocer's shop. How We Lived Then
In the Grocer's shop this swarve looking shopkeeper seemed to stock pretty much everything, some of the products undoubtedly wouldn't be allowed now!  How We Lived Then!

The nostalgic photography shop at the Museum of Shops
No, they didn't have digital cameras in the olden days, just cumbersome looking box brownies here in the wonderful old fashioned photography shop.

Museum of Shops, Eastbourne: Chemist's shop counter
Here we have the Chemist's products laid out on the counter, all with the labels neatly facing the customers.  Did shopkeepers really dress like this?

Museum of Shops, Eastbourne: Newsagent's shop
Here's the Tobacconist's shop frontage, admirably demonstrating How We Lived Then with stuff priced in old pennies, sixpences, shillings and half-crowns.  Do'y 'ave change from a ten-bob-note?

Museum of Shops, Eastbourne: the Hardware store
On to the historic hardware store.  Now no disrespect to the wonderful artefacts presented at the Museum of Shops of course, but the product promotion of old was rather drab we thought with its dull labelling and uninspiring packaging, but that was how it was in the olden days before modern marketing kicked in.  Other pre-decimal coinage included the guinea, florin, thruppence; and the smallest, a farthing.

A row of old beers in the Off Licence at Eastbourne's Museum of Shops
A collection of old beers on the shelf here in the Off Licence.  It was a pity about the layer of dust over many of the exhibits at the Museum of Shops in Eastbourne, sadly suggesting a lack of upkeep.
(Note: we were advised in 2011 that 'How We Lived Then' has benefited from a recent overhaul).

The closed Admiral pub at Eastbourne's Museum of Shops, How We Lived Then
Pubs had strict opening times and were closed in the afternoons in the olden days, drat!  Eastbourne's Museum of Shops was full of wonderfully interesting artefacts from bygone times and was well worth the visit for a dose of nostalgia.  Entrance cost 3.25 (or three-pound, five-shillings!) at the time of our visit.

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