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Shropshire Holiday July 2007 - page 1

Dodging the Shropshire showers we admired the stunning scenery along part of the Offa's Dyke long distance footpath from Knighton, on the border with Wales.  Then at Ironbridge Gorge we stepped back in time, saw the famous Iron Bridge itself and enjoyed a wander round the wonderful open air museum at Blists Hill Victorian Town.
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Knighton information on Offa's Dyke path
The weather looked good so we thought we'd start our Shropshire holiday with a walk along part of Offa's Dyke path.  This shot's outside the excellent and helpful visitor centre at Knighton.

The sign that welcomed us to Wales
Knighton is on the Shropshire / Welsh border and soon after starting along the Offa's Dyke path we came across this sign to remind us.  As you can see the scenery is, well, wonderful!

Walking along the Offa's Dyke trail on the Shropshire / Wales border
Although the Offa's Dyke trail was well waymarked, we came across several uncleared fallen trees blocking the path in places, but got through to see...

The River Teme at Knighton
...the gorgeous view by the River Teme.  The river was pretty fast flowing after the heavy rains of recent weeks.  Links to Offa's Dyke in our tourist resources.

The monument on Panpunton Hill along the route of Offa's Dyke near Knighton
Uh-oh - unfortunately the weather turned pretty nasty, but we made it to the top of Panpunton Hill as far as this 'dry stone' [ha! not today!] monument before turning back to Knighton.  We must have walked, oh, all of 4 miles of the 177 mile Offa's Dyke trail!

Ironbridge tollhouse in Shropshire
Next day we visited historic Ironbridge, birthplace of the Industrial Revolution.  The old tollhouse on the left is now the visitor centre and museum containing the interesting Ironbridge history display.  Belinda can be spotted walking over the Iron Bridge, hey, wait up!

The Iron Bridge, in Ironbridge Shropshire
Here's the graceful arches of the Iron Bridge, built in 1781 after Abraham Darby perfected the process of using coke to smelt iron.  After visiting...

Entrance to Blists Hill Victorian Town, Shropshire
...a few of the 10 wonderful museums at Ironbridge, including the Coalbrookdale Museum of Iron, we headed for Blists Hill Victorian Town.

High Street at Blists Hill with old-time shops
The High Street at Blists Hill has quaint shops presented just as they were in the early 1900s.  We could feel we were back in Victorian England, right in the heyday of our industrial heritage.

Character costume in the chemist's shop at Blists Hill
All the shop staff looked authentic in character costume, dressed as in Victorian times, seen here in the chemist's shop.  Other old-time Blists Hill shops included a butcher's, bank, printer's and sweet shop.

The New Inn at Blists Hill in Shropshire with a horse and cart passing
Grrr, unfortunately Blists Hill was plagued with school parties on the day of our visit; here we took a picture of the Victorian pub, the New Inn, as the local horse-drawn transport (which you can ride in) trundled past.  We then moved on to...

Victorian Wrought Ironworks, Blists Hill
...the Wrought Ironworks, just one example of Victorian industry at Blists Hill.

Outside the Squatter cottage at Blists Hill
After looking at the Victorian school and fairground (where Belinda won a coconut!), we came across this quaint Squatter cottage complete with a Victorian woman going about her Victorian chores.

Shropshire Canal, Blists Hill
Beside the Shropshire Canal at Blists Hill is a canal-side mine, pit head steam winding engine and a half-model reconstruction of the Iron Bridge, just visible (yes, just) on the far right above.

Blists Hill brick and tile works
Many of the industrial sections at Blists Hill were there originally, including the brick and tile works seen here and also the old blast furnaces.  Fascinating stuff, and an enlightening incite into our country's heritage.


We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Ironbridge and Blists Hill Victorian Town in Shropshire.  The only bummer was the difficult to follow black and white scrappy piece of paper passing for the Blists Hill guide.  Oh, and the school parties!

The cost of the Ironbridge Gorge Museums passport, giving entrance to all 10 museums including Blists Hill, was a rather hefty 14, but it's possible to return at any time within the next year on this ticket.  At least three days would be needed to visit all Ironbridge museums.

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We've also visited open air museums at Beamish in County Durham and Weald & Downland in Sussex.