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Tourist & Leisure Attractions: Beamish Museum

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Beamish Open Air Museum in County Durham, August 2001

Staying near Newcastle, on the second day of our short break we visited Beamish, the North of England Open Air Museum in County Durham.  Beamish is a wonderfully realistic living and working museum with attractions such as The Town, Rowley Station, Pockerley Waggonway, Home Farm, The Pit Village and Pockerley Old Hall with fittingly vintage transport by buses and trams from a bygone era running along cobbled streets.
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Pit Village schoolroom at Beamish Open Air Museum
In a mock-up of a 1913 classroom, Mike and Bob acted like misbehaving school kids and got told off by a 1913 teacher!  The school was part of the Pit Village, a colliery village demonstrating our industrial heritage complete with realistic actors in character.

Demonstration inside the Pit Village cottages at Beamish Museum
This lady is demonstrating bread making in an early 20th century kitchen at Beamish Open Air Museum's pit cottages, chatting to all the visitors and making everyone feel like they'd just walked into a time warp.  We also toured the colliery itself.

Outside the Pit Village cottages at Beamish Museum
Mike tried to show how they dried their clothes in the olden days at Pit Village, but the mangle won in the end.  It's enough to turn your hair white!  The excellent Beamish Open Air Museum website is is well worth checking out, see our tourist resources page.

Beamish Museum vintage tram
Here we have one of the vintage trams that takes visitors around the various areas at Beamish Museum.  There are also historic buses running too.  As you can see, the weather wasn't any better in County Durham than in Scotland the previous day!

Edwardian northern market town at Beamish
The Town is the award-winning recreation of a typical Edwardian northern market town, complete with 1913 shops, bank, offices, doctor's, garage, dentist, pub, etc.  We had lunch in the 1913 café, but they charged 2001 prices (very reasonable though).

Beamish Museum: Jubilee Sweetshop and Sweet Factory
Here's the Jubilee Sweetshop and Sweet Factory at Beamish, with jars of sweeties behind the assistants in period costume, old scales and till to the right foreground.  We viewed the sweet making and sampled them too in the small adjoining factory.

Vintage car crossing the tram tracks Beamish Open Air Museum
A view from the other direction of the Edwardian northern town at Beamish living and working museum.  The vintage car crossing the tram tracks is heading for Beamish Railway Station with its 1896 signal box, goods yard, shed and coal office.

Motor & Cycle Works in The Town at Beamish
The garage man here at the Motor & Cycle Works explained the workings of the 1913 garage at Beamish Museum.  This place was fascinating, with lots of historic motor signs, vehicle bits and so on.  Notice the van in the back loaded to the hilt with stuff.

The Angle of the North
This statue is called 'The Angle of the North' and it's situated just off the A1(M) highway.  It's supposed to signify your arrival in the far north of England; note the people at its base which gives an idea of its sheer size.  Video clips are on our videos page.

A relaxing drink in the Gateshead hotel bar before dinner
A drink before dinner in the Gateshead hotel we stayed in.  It wasn't too far from County Durham's Beamish Open Air Museum which we thoroughly enjoyed and can wholeheartedly recommend visiting for a dose of old-time living and industrial heritage.

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