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Dr Who Exhibition, Brighton Pier - June 2005

We were avid viewers of the new Dr Who TV series so couldn't pass up on a visit to the 2005 Dr Who exhibition on Brighton Pier (formally Palace Pier) as Brighton is only 'down the road' - an opportunity not to be missed!  There we became acquainted with the fearsome Daleks, Cybermen, Slitheens, and, of course, the Tardis while managing to avoid getting exterminated.

The Tardis at the entrance to Brighton Pier
Right outside Brighton Pier we saw the legendary Tardis had landed - but no sign of The Doctor or Rose.  The pier used to be called Palace Pier but for some reason they changed the established name.

The 2005 Dr Who exhibition on Brighton Pier
The Dr Who exhibition was almost at the end of Palace, er, Brighton Pier, housed in what used to be the amusement hall.  Entry cost 6 and we entered with some trepidation.  Oo-er!

Inside the entrance at the Dr Who exhibition
This is a general view just inside the entrance to the exhibition, and here we saw a transparent Tardis with Dr Who's and Rose's costumes.  Belinda decided...

Trinny about to get chopping at the Dr Who exhibition
...she fancied a new hairdo - watch out, that nasty mechanical Trinny is about to go snip snip a-snipping!  It's behind you!  There were...

Information panel about Dr Who at the 2005 Brighton Pier exhibition
...plenty of information panels with a lot of interesting stuff about Dr Who past and present.  Mike fancied Rose while Belinda thought the new Dr Who was rather fit!  Now, where's those diabolical Daleks?

Exhibition display: past Dr Who's
Mike remembers Dr Who... from behind the sofa in the 70s!  This was a display at the exhibition featuring all the past Doctors, although there wasn't much about his previous gorgeous assistants though.

Dr Who: plastic wheely bin prop from the series
"I hope the plastic on this bin isn't going to melt and drag me in!", Mike remarked at this point, recalling a programme earlier in the new series.  The...

Taking photos of Dr Who monsters at the exhibition
...second main section in the exhibition at Brighton housed many of the scary monsters from the new Dr Who series.  Mike scuttled away behind the stands!

Some of the Dr Who monsters on display on Brighton Pier
Ah, so that's where you are Mike, you can come out of that showcase on the left now!  Also seen here are the Dalek boss and the strange Tree People; it was good to see some new 'characters' in the new series as well as Daleks and the Tardis.

Of course the Daleks featured in the new series and we found out at last that they CAN climb stairs.  Here this Dalek guy growled "exterminate", following which Mike, plus camera, vaporised!  But he returned in the Tardis in time for lunch though.

An old original Dalek looking the worse for wear
Hmm... the Daleks were showing their age - or maybe this shabby specimen of a Dalek had just returned from clubbing in Brighton last night the worse for wear!  In fact this was one of the models made for the original TV series back in the 60s; you know, the ones that caused the nation's kids to hide behind the sofa.  We thought the Dr Who exhibition on Brighton Pier was excellent - well worth the visit and it nicely blended the old with the new.

A Slitheen about to attack
Watch out Mike, there's a Slitheen behind you!  The Slitheen was one of the new monsters developed for the new Dr Who.  There was a button here to do the 'gas exchange' sound they made, which Mike took great delight in pressing - again and again!

Posing in front of a Cyberman at Brighton Pier's Dr Who event
The Cybermen didn't feature in the re-vamped Dr Who, so perhaps they will in a later series.  Dr Who on Brighton Pier was a time-limited event, but we've also visited the more permanent Dr Who exhibition at Land's End in Cornwall.

Dr Who exhibition gift shop on Brighton Pier
And finally, the gift shop.  Time to buy a sonic screwdriver to keep Belinda at bay, oh, and a Tardis would be handy to visit Dr Who's previous gorgeous assistants!  Related websites to the Dr Who exhibition are in our UK tourist resources.

Also in Brighton we visited the Roman Sand Sculptures and Egyptian Sand Sculptures.