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Rye short break in East Sussex October 2005 - page 1

We enjoyed a short break in the Rye area in East Sussex, staying in an idyllic B&B guest house on Romney Marsh.  In Rye town we visited the Ypres Tower, supped a drink in the historic Mermaid Inn, visited Rye Heritage Centre and did a short walk to Camber Castle.
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The Olde Moat House in Ivychurch, near Rye
This is the Olde Moat House in Ivychurch, near Rye, our comfortable B&B guest house accommodation for the short break.  It proved an excellent place and reasonably priced too.  More pics on Rye page 2.

Rye scene: track through gate with windmill in background
We always seem to get great weather when away, this short break proved no different and we started with a trek around Rye in the patchy warm sunshine.  That windmill in the background is now a guest house.

Quaint coffee shop in Rye, East Sussex
Aha, our first stop was this lovely coffee shop we found tucked away.  We sat in the warm autumn sunshine supping a coffee as we planned our day exploring historic Rye town.

Planning our walk around Rye at the coffee shop
Hmmm, so we'll go along there, up here, through that squiggly bit, then in there and out, er, where are we in Rye exactly?  Fortunately we had our hand-held Sat Nav with us!

Landgate in Rye, East Sussex
Rye is an old gated fortified town; here's one of the four gates, Landgate, the only one that remains today.

Ypres Tower, Rye
Another picture in the bag at Rye's Ypres Tower.  There's a museum here and also nearby is the picturesque Church Square with its quaint old church, buildings and cobbled street, which formed the original 14th century East Sussex town of Rye.

Gun Garden at Rye's Ypres Tower
We found this Gun Garden in the grounds of Ypres Tower and Mike just had to have a play with this big weapon, just need to take that red thing off the end and.... whoops!  Time to move quickly on to...

The Mermaid Inn in Rye
...Mermaid Street where we found the olde worlde Mermaid Inn, a historic Rye pub dating back to, oh, really olden times.  It was recently featured on the Most Haunted TV series about ghosts.

A pint outside at Rye's Mermaid Inn
So we enjoyed a pint at the Mermaid Inn in Rye, served by a bar tender as miserable as a miserable thing.  Not friendly service at all, and expensive too - we saw sandwiches on the menu at 6!  There's...

Rear view of the Mermaid Inn in Rye
...accommodation available at the Mermaid which we considered when planning our short weekend break, but at 220 per couple per night it was somewhat beyond our small pockets.

Strand Quay, tourist centre of Rye
Strand Quay is the main tourist area.  At Rye Heritage Centre we enjoyed 'The Story of Rye', an involving audio visual show set to a town model as it was 700 years ago.  A historical audio walking town tour could also be obtained here.  Even on...

Walking across to Camber Castle
...a short break we like to get some walking in, so we headed off towards Rye's Camber Castle across land that 1000 years ago was under the sea, a fact we learnt at the Heritage Centre.  The good news was it was all flat for the 1 mile walk from Rye town.

Camber Castle near Rye, East Sussex
As we approached Camber Castle it appeared to be built (another of Henry VIII's fortifications) in the middle of nowhere.  Please see our tourist resources for Rye and other local Sussex and Kent websites.

Camber Castle gates
The notice at Camber Castle gave us the history, but sadly it was currently closed to visitors.  There used to be 47 soldiers and their weapons based at this remote castle, um, steady on there Belinda!

Ancient monuments notice at Camber Castle
Erm, at Camber Castle the notice said something about protecting ancient monuments of national importance.  Hmmm...

Rye from the harbour road
This picture was taken from the harbour road across the river towards Rye and shows just what a compact town historic Rye is.  Well, we found it well worth the visit, although it'll undoubtedly be busier during the summer tourist season.  Our Rye short break continues with a ride on the Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Railway in Kent >>>

We've also taken a weekend break in Arundel and the New Forest.