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Legoland Theme Park Sept 2003 - page 2

More from our visit to the Legoland theme park near Windsor, here on page two we enjoy the Jack Stone Stunt Show in My Town and view the amazing Lego towns and cities constructed from Lego bricks in Miniland.
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My Town harbour, setting for Legoland's Jack Stone Stunt Show
In the My Town area at Legoland was the Jack Stone Stunt Show which mainly consisted of the wacky performers falling into the harbour a lot.  We waited a while for the show to start, of which there are several throughout the day.  The...

The warm-up jet skier for the Jack Stone Stunt Show at Legoland
...Jack Stone Stunt Show was actually pretty good, there was a fair bit of a 'pre-show experience' though which consisted of someone riding round and round the water on a jet-ski, splashing the audience; this did seem to run on a bit long.

Falling from the lighthouse: the Stunt Show finale at Legoland
Now the climax to the Jack Stone Stunt Show at Legoland when the lighthouse blows up and the performers tumbled into the water... yet again.

Pondering over the Legoland guide
We kept referring to the Legoland guide to work out what thrilling ride to try next, it seemed we weren't the only ones pondering with hand to mouth, the lady behind has adopted the same ponder, or maybe she's a Lego lady made out of Lego bricks?  Anyway, off to Castleland next.  Now, which way??

Castleland at Legoland, home of the Dragon Coaster
Here's Bob marching towards Castleland where we rode on the wild Dragon Coaster, the nearest thing to a fast and scary ride at Legoland.  Frustratingly it kept breaking down and we kept having to return.

Legoland driving school in Traffic Land
This was also a scary ride - if you're 5.  It's the Driving School in Traffic Land and god help us when this lot get a real car!  Little did we know we'd know all about traffic in a few hours when we made tracks for home.

Legoland: The Whirly Birds in Explore Land
Another one here for the younger kids, the Whirly Birds in Explore Land, which looked fun if you're under 6.  Belinda decided Mike was a big boy now so he didn't get a go on this Legoland attraction.  Drats!

Legoland's mini attractions in Miniland
Now this was the highlight for us at Legoland, the magnificent mini towns and cities in Miniland, all made out of Lego.  Mike thought he was going to see lots of mini skirted women in Miniland!  Drats again!

Admiring the mini buildings made of Lego in Legoland's Miniland
We thought the attention to detail in Miniland was amazing, with a London complete with up-to-date figures (at the time) like David Blaine in his box, Holland with the windmills and a train set running around, plus many other worldwide areas.

A mini version of Brands Hatch at Legoland
Here's a mini version of Brands Hatch, with the miniature cars racing around the track complete with lots of revving and zooming noises!
The Legoland website can be found
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Getting lost in the Amazing Mazes at Legoland
Back in Wild Woods and a chance to try to lose each other in the Amazing Mazes.  This area at Legoland had a Spinning Spider ride and an Enchanted Forest that we walked round, with Lego animals, of course!

So while overall we had an enjoyable visit to Legoland, it was spoilt by a poor travel experience arriving and leaving, see right >>>

Legoland: the amazing waterfall in Amazing Mazes
This is the wonderful waterfall in the maze.  We also saw the 4D show in the Imagination Theatre which involved cars racing out of the screen at you and it snowing!  After this we stopped by the inevitable gift shop before taking well over an hour to exit Legoland, despite there being two traffic lanes, as the surrounding road system in Windsor proved hopelessly inadequate, plus no signage back to the M25 either!  Moan, moan!

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