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Legoland Theme Park Sept 2003 - page 1

Legoland, near Windsor, is a theme park of thrilling rides and attractions with many seemingly constructed from giant sized Lego bricks.  So join us for an excellent day out at Legoland in the late summer sunshine.
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The entrance to Legoland theme park at 'The Beginning'
Well, we finally arrived after battling with no signage from the M25; even when we found signs to Legoland around Windsor they weren't consistent, changing between brown and yellow.  Not a good start then.

Legoland's Pit Stop Café
Here's Belinda with our friend Bob in the Pit Stop Café at Legoland planning our day with the Park Guide.  The parking wasn't guided like at other theme parks, it was a matter of 'up and down the rows' to find a space.

Info board at the Legoland start
We checked out the guide board before boarding (after queuing, of course) the funicular Hill Train into Legoland proper.  The weather was a bit iffy to start.

The kiddies Ferris Wheel ride in My Town at Legoland in Windsor
We found Legoland geared more towards younger children, and Mike was disappointed to discover he didn't meet the height restriction - he was too TALL!

Legoland: Adventurers' Wave Surfer in My Town
This is the Adventurers' Wave Surfer in the My Town area of the theme park.  This ride involved spinning round in a boat thing while deafening depth charges went off at random all around us!  Fantastic!

Posing with a Lego man made out of Lego
We couldn't resist posing for a photo with a Lego man at Legoland, even if he did look ill!  There were many amazing Lego figures all over the Legoland theme park, all carefully constructed out of Lego bricks.

Lunch at the Burger Ranch at Legoland theme park
Lunch time quickly loomed (thanks to our late arrival highlighted earlier!) and we ate outside at the Burger Ranch in the warm late September sunshine.  The food was OK, but beware the steep prices!

The Lego Orient Express, made of Lego bricks!
Here's the Lego Orient Express zooming through the jungle of Lego tigers; yes, even the wildlife was made of Lego!  We thought it very well done.  Hey, they've got something right at last at Legoland theme park!

Chatting up a Lego man
Belinda tried to chat up another Lego man but he wasn't very responsive.  Psss... he's not real, he's made out of Lego bricks!  Check out the Legoland website on our UK tourist resources page.

Kids playing with Lego bricks while waiting for the Pirate Falls ride at Legoland
Queuing is an inevitable part of any theme park and providing Lego to play with was an excellent idea to keep the kids happy.  Some of the kids were rather destructive with their creations though!

The pre-ride experience at Pirate Falls, Legoland, Windsor
After the queuing comes the 'pre-ride experience', and this one was at the Pirate Falls ride in Wild Wood Land with many amusing and imaginative Lego exhibits to enjoy as we bobbed along in the boat before reaching the inevitable...

Splashdown on Pirate Falls
..splashdown!  Hmmm, the Pirate Falls ride seemed very similar to Dragon Falls at Chessington and Loggers Leap at Thorpe Park and another at Alton Towers we've previously been on!  On the next page, more from Legoland, including the stunt show >>>

We took a different type of ride on the London Eye the previous year.