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Tourist & Leisure Attraction: Chessington WOA

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Chessington World of Adventures Theme Park Sept 2002 - page 2

Oh, so you've joined us for more scary adventures on the second page of our visit to Chessington WOA?  Here we got drenched on the Dragon Falls, ripped apart on Rameses Revenge in the Forbidden Kingdom, terrified on the Runaway Train, visited the animals in Animal Land and Creepy Caves, and saw the Sea Lions feeding.
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Splash down on the Dragon Falls at Chessington WOA theme park
Whoossshhh!  Splash!  It looks like you get really drenched on the Dragon Falls, but most of the water goes over the sides (unless you're sitting up front).  We enjoyed this ride twice, erm, remembering to smile for the camera the second time around!

Rameses Revenge in the Forbidden Kingdom at Chessington
Here in the Forbidden Kingdom at Chessington WOA, you can (just) see two of our brave riders in the centre back row waving on Rameses Revenge.  This intense ride turns you round and round and upside down, then finishes with a good drenching.

Rameses Revenge tipping up at Chessington WOA
Rameses Revenge turns upside down and lowers riders into jets of water, which disappointingly weren't operating on our visit so no-one emerged as drowned rats.  Our guys aren't waving now!

Waiting for the Runaway Train at Chessington WOA
Here's two of our lot, taken while queuing for the Runaway Train, quite a long wait as it turned out as by half way through the afternoon the theme park at Chessington WOA was rather busy.  Some more...

Waiting for the Runaway Train at the Surrey theme park
...of us waiting in line in the late summer sunshine at Chessington, full of confidence for the Runaway Train.  The train shot round the track twice, seemingly faster the second time and we all went on this ride, hands waving high in the air.

The Runaway Train 'chuffs' past at breakneck speed
The Runaway Train was one of the more popular rides at Chessington WOA and was the one that involved the longest wait.  As with many of the theme park rides, it's all over before you know it and it leaves you wanting to go on it again.

Exotic species in Animal Land at Chessington WOA
Chessington still has some of the original zoo part, called Animal Land, and amongst others there's exotic breeds and birds of prey which we enjoyed looking around.  Further details from the Chessington WOA website on our UK tourist resources page.

The monkey house at Chessington World of Adventures
Here we're looking at a variety of monkey species.  In the days before Chessington World of Adventures theme park, this Surrey attraction used to be called Chessington Zoo with many more animals, but now it's dominated by the thrilling theme park rides.

Who's the little monkeys here in Animal Land?
Ooohh!  Mum, can I have one?  Now we wonder who finds who the most fascinating, the monkey can watch the people for free but the people are free to leave at the end of the day.  Oh, and they have to pay - entrance cost 15 (adult) at the time of our visit.

The Trail of the Kings at Animal Land, Chessington WOA
The Trail of the Kings at Animal Land, where we called in on the Gorillas and Big Cats.  Later, we saw the lions being feed enormous chunks of Mike... er sorry, meat... gulping it down in one go (well that sounds like Mike anyway!).  For the...

A big fat hairy spider in the Creepy Caves at Chessington
...fearless among us, the Creepy Caves house reptiles and insects and here's a large, scary spider - good job he (or she, can't tell through all those hairs!) was behind the glass.  There were also snakes and lizards in this reptile house.  To recover...

Chessington WOA: the noisy Sea Lions feeding
...from those spiders and snakes we visited the Sea Lions feeding and boy, do those guys make a noise!  Orrr, Orrr, Orrr!  Above is that Skyway again (see our Chessington World of Adventures previous page) trundling above at Chessington WOA.

Helium balloons at the theme park exit
Time to leave and just what you don't need bobbing about in the rear view mirror on the drive home!


After a wonderful fun filled day at Chessington World of Adventures in Surrey, sadly it was time to leave.  We all had a terrific time on a exceptionally fine and warm day for late September.

Don't forget to check out the excellent Chessington WOA website, and also the many other UK theme park and tourism sites in our tourist resources.

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Other animal parks visited include Longleat Safari Park, Monkey World, Otter, Owl & Wildlife Park and Amazon World Zoo Park, IOW.