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Chessington World of Adventures Theme Park Sept 2002 - page 1

Mike visited Chessington World of Adventures Theme Park in Surrey with some friends and tried many scary rides, including the Vampire Ride, Black Buccaneer Banana Boat, Safari Skyway, Flying Jumbos (er?), Samurai, Dragon Falls - all in areas such as Pirates Cove, Forbidden Kingdom, Beanoland and the Mystic East.
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Entrance globe at Chessington World of Adventures in Surrey
Here's the big revolving globe that greets visitors at the entrance to the Chessington World of Adventures pay booths.  We got there in good time for opening at 10am to hopefully get on all the popular rides before the queues got too long.

Checking the rides situation board at Chessington
And here's two of us deciding that we're all going on all the scary rides in the theme park whatever - even the ones we're really really scared of!  Arrggghhhh!  As you can see, there are plenty of rides to experience.  Arrggghhhh again.

Chessington: checking the theme park guide
Another two of us checking the park guide to see what's what and where's where at Chessington.  Despite it being so late in the summer season, the theme park was pretty busy, probably on account of the lovely warm and sunny weather.  We decided to make for the Vampire Ride first!  Oo-er!

The Vampire Ride whooshes inches above peoples heads at Chessington
The Vampire Ride soared over our heads at Chessington World of Adventures while we waited for an hour in line.  All the screams above were rather worrying, but it was far too late to change our minds at this point!  Still, everyone seemed to be smiling, and no-one fell out!  At the...

Vampire Ride exit photo purchase
...Vampire Ride exit there was an opportunity to buy a picture of yourself screaming!  You can also have the pic emailed, or purchase it in a key ring fob, but with the adrenalin now flowing we rushed off to the next scary ride at Chessington!  And next up...

Banana Boat, the Black Buccaneer in motion at the World of Adventures
...at the World of Adventures theme park in Surrey was the ever popular Banana Boat ride, called the Black Buccaneer.  Mike wimped out of this one, but in the last row you can spot some of us lot 'enjoying' the ride!  Eeeeeeeek!

The monorail at Chessington WOA
Ah, now this was a really scary ride at the theme park!  The Safari Skyway dates back to when Chessington was a zoo and it trundles all round the park with a speaker commentary telling you all about it.  Chessington website is in our tourist resources.

A gift shop in Chessington theme park
Of course, there's plenty of gift shops for the women folk!  Like other modern theme parks, there are different themed areas to explore.  We stopped by KFC for lunch and noted it was a little more pricey than your average High Street KFC.  Bummer!

A quieter area in the theme park - Pirates Cove
This was one of the quieter areas at Chessington, away from the frantic queuing and screaming victims on the rides.  By now we were leaving Pirates Cove and heading to the Forbidden Kingdom to see who would wimp out of the exciting rides there.

The Flying Jumbos in Toytown at Chessington
The Flying Jumbos in Toytown at the theme park looked like a Mike sized ride, but they wouldn't let him on as it was for the YOUNG adventurers and he was OVER the height restriction.  Another kids area at Chessington World of Adventures was Beanoland.

The scary Samurai ride at Chessington World of Adventures in Surrey
Another ride that some of us lot wimped out of was the Samurai.  However, two of us showed no fear and queued up for this really scary ride.  Samurai spun in all directions and seemed horrendous, but like many rides at Chessington World of Adventures it looked worse than it actually was.  Apparently.

Riding on the Dragon Falls in the Mystic East at Chessington
Here we are then on the Dragon Falls ride in the Mystic East, as we look up in anticipation and contemplate the HUGE drop ahead.  Up top we got a good view of the theme park, only to be plunged down at terrific speed to a horrendous watery drenching!
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